Friday, July 23, 2010

What Do You Think Is This Kid A Catholic or A Convict...Probably Both!

So I watched this documentary a couple months ago about the University of Miami. And, man they super league sucked for a great number of years. They were trying desperately just to fill the stadium and in an attempt to fill said stadium if you bought a Big Mac in Miami you could get free tickets to the game. They thought that maybe Division I Football was too much for The University of Miami, because they lost all the time and no one wants to support a losing team. The University thought that they'd try one more option and that was to get a new coach with a big name and his name was Howard Schnellenberge. Coach Schnellenberge almost turned it down because he had other options offered him.

He decided to take the job. The first thing that Coach Schnellenberge did was he started recruiting down in the ghettos. No one had really done that before, and he filled a team with a bunch of gang bangers with speed. And, their style of play falls under the grounds of un-sportsman-like conduct. In fact many of the un-sportsman-like conduct and excessive celebration rules that we have today is a result from the 1980's Hurricanes Football Teams.

Sure enough in just 4 years the Miami Hurricanes went from almost being dropped down to Division I-AA to National Champs. They went on to win two more titles during that decade. One of the other powers of that decade was the Fighting Irish of ND. Because, Miami had recruited not really student athletes but thugs and the folks out of South Bend religious affiliation. This rivalry had been titled Catholics vs. Convicts, and make no mistake for a couple of the non-conference meetings the winner of this game pretty much determined the National Champ for that season.

I bring this up simply because in 2012 the two teams will meet on the gridiron again... When Butch Davis came on the scene his job was to clean up the convict image and they haven't won a National Title since. Perhaps with sales of Catholic vs Convicts tee-shirts already hitting the market the Hurricanes will win another National Championship...Lord only knows it will probably happen before Notre Dame wins another one.

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