Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Called the STANDS People Not the SIT'S!!!

So, a couple of years ago a single Tyler Matlock and myself were in attendance at a local Demolition Derby event. Anyways, when the action was on the other side of the arena, or something awesome happened, we had the audacity to irreverently stand up and in the most inconsiderate manner possible begin to cheer.

The sunburnt middle aged man pictured just above Tyler's head had the nerve to tell Tyler and myself to sit down, then commenced to refer to us as an Ass. (That's right there are two of us but he used it in the singular form.) This was mind blowing for me! I asked the guy if he or someone he was with was handicapped in some way where we would be blocking them? He said no, and then blah bla bla was all I heard then I saw a truck and I thought has Peterbilt come out with a new series? Then I realized it was a Kenworth and I felt like an idiot... Then I remember that he was saying something about sitting quietly. I then reminded him that we're at the freakin' fair grounds, man... We are here to watch cars crash violently into other cars. I mean it's not like we're at the Opera, or the Library where they have signs and people who work there help keep quiet dignity! This was one of the most mind boggling things that has ever happened to me!

My favorite part was at the end when everyone was on their feet cheering and thanking the drivers and those responsible for putting on a great show. Tyler was sitting down waist high of everyone else yelling "DOWN IN FRONT...I CAN'T SEE"

This Summer an I Phelta Thi Sports Writer/Fantasy Sports enthusiast our very own Thome Widdison was recently called out at an Idaho Falls Chuckers Baseball Game for being a fan! I mean HEAVEN FORBID people cheer!

Did Thome back down without a fight? Nope! Did Thome go quietly into the night? Nope! And, why is that? It's because Thome Widdison has a pair, and he's at a freakin' ball game, man!

I was recently informed that a Cleveland Browns 25 year veteran season ticket holder was kicked out of the stadium for the same rambunctiousness that Thome, Tyler, and I have been guilty of in the past. Yep, standing up at a game!

Not only am I upset about for what he got kicked out for but for the last 25 years he's been loyally supporting Randy Lerner's crappy Browns. I mean it's the Browns and for the past 25 year in and out this fan has been there! And this is his thanks. You would think that being a Browns fan would be punishment enough?

I recently asked our lead tech here at my work, who happens to be a former Division one Tightend out of the University of Utah Spencer Mangelson his thoughts. Spencer simply replied "That's ridiculousness" And, I couldn't agree with you more Spencer