Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Game Plan

I think I'll be a Baseball Player.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Is Robert Leland Freakin' Warnick

I'll tell you who he is...He is one of the raddest dudes you and I know! He stands a six one with a 375 batting average and zero errors in the I Phelta Thi Kick Ball Night. Rockin' Rob has a great jump shot, he's a God on the tennis court, and homeboy can sit down to shoot the breeze about any sport you throw his way. Rob's is currently in a three way tie between Tyler Matlock and Quinn Merrill as Karaoke King.

Now, keep in mind that no one can ever replace a Tyler Matlock as I Phelta Thi V.P. But, Rockin' Rob has served as the Vice President in an AWESOME matter that I feel has earned him a spot in our Fantasy Football League. I know that we currently have 10 guys which makes it an even number, but Rob has wanted a spot on our Fantasy League ever since he got back from his Mission. Honestly, I think that's the whole reason he roomed with me back in Rexburg. What do you guys say? Can we give the guy we all know and love a spot in the League next year?

Here's an insert from a facebook message he recently sent me:

Seatle sucks. They were soundly beaten by the chargers, but luckily pulled it out despite poor coaching by Pete Carroll. I like Atlanta, The Jets, and of course the team that is unquestionably playing the best game in the NFL right now (with a 4th string QB) Pittsburg.

Don't get me started on Cardinals, I hear about them all to much down here in Phoenix....And they suck!! D.A. is a Sh^*#! QB and his replacement (Max Hall (who everybody down here worships because evidently he is a native to these parts)) is even worse.

The kid wants to play, what do you say brethren?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Virginia is for Broncos?

Boise State versus Virginia Tech. They came, they played, and then the game was over. The aftermath is Boise State is 1-0 and that's it. You wont see any hotel reservations in Glendale,AZ under the name of Tom Widdison just yet. Cause lets be honest, I'll probably stay with Quinn if I go down anyways. Oh and that the Broncos still have to play the rest of their schedule too. Mostly that. The win last night was a great one but now more than ever Chris Peterson needs to make sure his team really does just play one game at a time cause one slip up and there is no way you can even talk about them making it into the championship game. As it is now, this win just keeps them in the conversation, and that's it.

I did take a few things away from that game other than if peeing your pants during a game winning drive is cool, then consider me Miles Davis. The biggest thing is that are resilient. They jumped out to a huge lead, then blew it. But they were able to come up with a couple stops and then a huge drive by Moore and ended up winning the game. That's what championship teams are made of. They make plays when they need to and win games. Both teams were sloppy. Hence the 17 point lead and then losing it. Chalk that up to turnovers. But the difference is Boise State made their mistakes when they had time to make up for it. And then made up for it. Plain and simple.
Another thing is Kellen Moore is good. I don't see his game transitioning into the NFL but on the college level he is the man. He makes good decisions and gets rid of the ball quickly. And when it comes down to a do or die drive he has the poise to lead his team to victory. The offensive line played good too. I was impressed with some of the holes for the running game they were able to produce against that defense. But they need to fix the penalties they had. Too many holding and illegal procedure calls.

So now they need to clean up that sloppy play and blow out some WAC teams and then we'll talk. But let this be a lesson to Mark May and all the other Boise State haters, BCS talk aside, this is a great team and can play with anyone despite what conference they are from. So don't take that away from them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, I was pretty glad to hear that Boise State was going to join the MWC. This was good news for the conference and a smart move for BSU. Being in a more competitive conference will give them more credibility, and adding the Boise Boys makes the Mountain West a stronger conference. (SMART MOVE FOR EVERYONE) But, the University of Utah went and messed it up by joining the Pac-10 next year... And, who could hardly blame them? BYU is also leaving the conference, they are going to be an Independent school like Notre Dame. I think that this is a smart move for the Stormin' Mormons. They have to play 4 WAC Schools but the rest of the season is wide open. This will give BYU a better shot at the National Title or a Major Bowl. This also works for them because they have a proven fan base across the United States. It's very likely that TCU will probably get an invite to join the Big 12, and why would the Horned Froggs turn it down? Who will be the other school to join the Big 12? I really want to see Arkansas in the Big 12 North, this would be a good move for them. It would open Texas recruiting and with Nebraska out of the mix it would help develop the Big 12 North as a stronger division. If TCU does join they will most likely join the Big 12 South and so it would be logical to put OK State up in the North. But, the question remains...Why would Arkansas want to leave the SEC? They get the same amount of money Alabama and Vanderbilt get. By joining the Big 12 they only get the big money if they earn it, unlike our socialist neighbors of the SEC. Truth be told Houston is re-vamping their stadium to fit...I think around 90k people? So, with the ability to house that many spectators why wouldn't they also get an invite to be the 12th team. So, with TCU and Houston joining that will probably kick OU and OSU up to the Big 12 north. Anyways, I'm frustrated with musical chairs...Hey congrats to Utah for beating number 15 PITT in the season opener. And, good luck to USC while they are only up at half time over Hawaii by 11 pts. Anyways, its late I'm tired...I'm bummed to find out I don't get to keep Adrian Peterson for this season. But, on the upside FOOTBALLS BACK! By the way if you guys want to come watch ISU play in the Big Sky this year just let me know...I can get us some tickets. Ok, this is like the third time I've tried to end this

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I'm Going to Beat You This Year

You probably think I'm going to give some fantasy football secrets out. Nope! I'm just planning on repeating some facts that should help you come to the same conclusion that I have come to.

1. I'm getting A.P. again
2. Zach Gibson hasn't been good at Fantasy Football since Ought Seven
3. Dating all the way back to the foundation of the I Phelta Thi league no one has ever repeated a championship, so Thome's out
4. Ryan DeCoria has just gotten married...I'm pretty sure he's going to be blinded by a new love just like our friend Brent Cook...So they are both out!
5. Joe Strickland is dating someone (a girl this time) and even though he claims he'll pay attention, I don't really believe it. I've seen her on Facebook...Trust me boys Joe's attention will be elsewhere.
6. Then there's Dan Bird... I don't think anyone's ever said "oh crap! I have to play Dan this week" :) jk if your reading (YOUR DA MAN DAN)
7. Tyler Matlock...He's a coach and a dad!!! Where is he going to find the time?
8. Quinn andTeam Boo...lets just say that I'm really not that worried about either one of them
9. Oh yeah and I'm getting A.P. again this year