Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, I was pretty glad to hear that Boise State was going to join the MWC. This was good news for the conference and a smart move for BSU. Being in a more competitive conference will give them more credibility, and adding the Boise Boys makes the Mountain West a stronger conference. (SMART MOVE FOR EVERYONE) But, the University of Utah went and messed it up by joining the Pac-10 next year... And, who could hardly blame them? BYU is also leaving the conference, they are going to be an Independent school like Notre Dame. I think that this is a smart move for the Stormin' Mormons. They have to play 4 WAC Schools but the rest of the season is wide open. This will give BYU a better shot at the National Title or a Major Bowl. This also works for them because they have a proven fan base across the United States. It's very likely that TCU will probably get an invite to join the Big 12, and why would the Horned Froggs turn it down? Who will be the other school to join the Big 12? I really want to see Arkansas in the Big 12 North, this would be a good move for them. It would open Texas recruiting and with Nebraska out of the mix it would help develop the Big 12 North as a stronger division. If TCU does join they will most likely join the Big 12 South and so it would be logical to put OK State up in the North. But, the question remains...Why would Arkansas want to leave the SEC? They get the same amount of money Alabama and Vanderbilt get. By joining the Big 12 they only get the big money if they earn it, unlike our socialist neighbors of the SEC. Truth be told Houston is re-vamping their stadium to fit...I think around 90k people? So, with the ability to house that many spectators why wouldn't they also get an invite to be the 12th team. So, with TCU and Houston joining that will probably kick OU and OSU up to the Big 12 north. Anyways, I'm frustrated with musical chairs...Hey congrats to Utah for beating number 15 PITT in the season opener. And, good luck to USC while they are only up at half time over Hawaii by 11 pts. Anyways, its late I'm tired...I'm bummed to find out I don't get to keep Adrian Peterson for this season. But, on the upside FOOTBALLS BACK! By the way if you guys want to come watch ISU play in the Big Sky this year just let me know...I can get us some tickets. Ok, this is like the third time I've tried to end this

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