Friday, December 30, 2011

My Name is Wayne Bass, and I'll Tell You What

So, a couple of the active voices in the league have thought it a good idea for me to be on the one year suspension because I had finished last in the league. I don't take it as an insult that they don't want me in the league, I think they simply want to teach me a lesson or something... mainly it's because it was my idea to have the suspension. Keep in mind that I came up with that idea only after I had suggested having a loser trophy which was also shot down, and a proposal for any other ideas for the last place team to do something which was ignored. (Brent Cook did come up with a cool idea just a couple of weeks ago... The champion gets to name the last place team next year). In short, we have discussed this on a couple of occasions and every time it comes back the same. No suspension! Just before the playoffs Zach Gibson brought up that the league should kick me out if I finish last. I said that if I do finish last and we decide to do a suspension I would honor it, but we need to vote NOW and not when the season is over and voters know if they are safe or not. It wasn't brought up again. Well, it wasn't brought up until after the season was over... I really like the idea of having something negative for the last place team, this would act as a motivator to keep going when the playoffs kick off and they know that they are not going to be in the championship bracket. Having finally experience that, let me tell you men it sux... Joe Cook has followed the proper channels and submitted a petition to enter the league, if I am suspended then that would open up a spot for him, but if we decide to suspend me we HAVE to keep this one year suspension thing going and not for just this year... So, if the powers that be vote to have me suspended I would also like to recommend that we have the champion name the 6th place team as well. Also, one other request I'd like to place on the table... Thome Widdison will have his third year as our commissioner, so I propose that we as a brotherhood name him as our FULL TIME COMMISSIONER