Sunday, November 28, 2010

Somebody Please Just Give Me One Good Reason

Why does the Big (L)East Champion still get an automatic bid to a B(C)S bowl?

Big East Standings
Conference Overall
Team W L W L
Connecticut 4 2 7 4
West Virginia 4 2 8 3
Pittsburgh 4 2 6 5
Syracuse 4 3 7 5
South Florida 3 3 7 4
Louisville 3 4 6 6
Cincinnati 2 4 4 7
Rutgers 1 5 4 7

The Big East has traditionally had some very good teams . . . so has the Ivy League if you go back far enough. Big East teams so far this year have a collective 1-7 record against top 25 teams. The one victory was by Syracuse, and I'm not sure which team was ranked when they went down against the mighty Orange, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Akron, Maine, Colgate or Rutgers.

The Cincinnati Bearcats have won the Big East the past two years and responded by getting blown out by Florida 51-24 and beaten by 20-7 by an 8-4 Virginia Tech team.

I understand that every conference has its ups and downs, but how long does the Big East get to turn it around. Here's my solution, have the Big East winner play TCU in their BCS bowl this year. Winner gets an automatic BCS bid for their conference next year. Loser has to adopt the worst team from the winner's conference.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Like a Post Apocalypse Airport Here

So, this isn't sports related, but it's like 1:30ish to two oclock and I'm in a small plastic play house that sits in the middle of playland here in the SLC Airport. You would think that having free reign of a major airport would be AWESOME. (I sure did) but you'd be wrong.

Here's why spending the night in an Airport SUX

1) The only people that are here are other passengers who are too cheap to get a hotel. And, the night cleaning crew...In short don't leave your bags unintended. I'm using mine as a pillow

2) They do have soothing music playing, but it gets interrupted every 11:45:00 mins by an announcement about how not to let anyone tamper with our bags and whatnot. Thanks

3) The airport doesn't know how to turn off a light...It's so bright EVERYWHERE!

4) The chairs all have armrest that don't move up, and all the good benches have already been staked out.

5) I don't know how many times someone ridding a vacuum or a floor buffer is going to drive by my playpalace, but it's really starting to annoy me!

6) I'm so hungry, but everything is closed, and I can't go to sleep, for obvious reasons. (If you need some help refer to items 1-5)

7) I'm not lying, I just heard one of the vacuum ridders ask another if he wanted to race...Ironically enough they didn't pass by any faster

8) Hey they just drastically dimmed the lights THAT'S GREAT!

So, you might have asked yourself why has Wayne Bass chosen to camp out in the play place plastic house. 2 reasons:

1) It's darker inside

2) I feel my bags are safer as I attempt to fall a sleep

Real quick I found an awesome spot. It was a dinning area, with padded booth seating and it was super dark. Why am I not there you may say. It's because of a loud BEEP BEEP every 3 seconds from the Burger King Kitchen. You know how people who live by train tracks after a while can't hear the train's? We'll I thought I could do the same. 20mins latter I just had a headache.

We'll like I said sorry this has nothing to do with sports, but what are you going to do about it?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I say Cameron You say Newton...Cameron!

Well, during the summer I had been following pretty closely the where this former Gator was going to go after being the best JC QB in the nation. He made a couple trips to Norman Oklahoma, and I was hopeful that Mr. Cameron Newton would be a Sooner this year. But, instead he chose to attend school at Auburn. To put it mildly I was disappointed, ok I might have made a voodoo doll with a big number 2 on his chest. :)

So, with the allegations that Cam Newton's dad had solicited Mississippi State for $$$$ I laughed. In fact I laughed pretty hard, "that's what you get Mr. Newton." But, right now I'm tired of hearing about it. As of right now all they have are weak facts, and nothing solid. Right now the Freakin' FBI is getting involved! That is ridiculous! If someone did pay money for Cam to play, will anyone get arrested? Will the guilty parties pack their bags and head to luxurious Guantanamo Bay-like place? NO! Because it's not against the law. Its an NCAA violation, so why is the FBI even hangin' around?

If I was running things I'd say let the NCAA work out their own mess, theres really nothing that FBI can do anyways. Besides, they should pay those athletes to play anyways....Do you know how much schools get for just making it to a bowl game?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lebron is a Tool

Miami 5-4 Cleveland 4-4


HAHAHAHAHAHA . . . haha . . . haha . . . hehe . . . whoo

I know some say it's Cleveland's Fault Lebron left because they didn't build a team around him. Ok, so Lebron didn't have Pippen, Rodman, and Kukoc playing with him, but the Cavaliers aren't that terrible. It's not like Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison are Smush Parker and Kwame Brown.

I know the Cavs probably won't keep up with the Heat for the entire year. They may not even make the playoffs, which is why I'm taking my shots right now. After "The Decision," Lebron has filled the least favorite NBA player void left open for me when Bruce Bowen retired. Which is why I like this:

Yeah, yeah, I've heard it before and I get it. Lebron James was a free agent and Lebron James was under no legal or ethical obligation to stay in Cleveland. But the truth of the matter is that Lebron James positioned himself to be Cleveland's greatest sports icon EVER. Lebron James was becoming a hero to a city that has stood behind crappy sports teams for decades, Lebron James promised to finally give them their only championship after many near misses . . . and then Lebron James gave up . . . in the 2nd round of the playoffs . . . and does anyone else think it's stupid how much Lebron James refers to himself in 3rd person?

Maybe it's a reflection of professional sports today. Athletes have to feed their families, they have to do what's best for #1. But I can't help but feel that it wasn't that long ago that people who got paid millions of dollars to play a game still cared about the concept of team, cared about the cities they represented and the fans that loved them.

I've been in a locker room and looked around and felt like the other guys there were my brothers ready to go to war with me. Knowing that I had to leave it all on the field and win my battle on each possession, on every play, or else I was letting my team down. I've had those moments where I knew that the name on the back of my jersey didn't matter nearly as much as the name on front. I honestly wonder if Lebron James ever has . . .

Cleveland 2
Lebron 0
South Park 1