Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I say Cameron You say Newton...Cameron!

Well, during the summer I had been following pretty closely the where this former Gator was going to go after being the best JC QB in the nation. He made a couple trips to Norman Oklahoma, and I was hopeful that Mr. Cameron Newton would be a Sooner this year. But, instead he chose to attend school at Auburn. To put it mildly I was disappointed, ok I might have made a voodoo doll with a big number 2 on his chest. :)

So, with the allegations that Cam Newton's dad had solicited Mississippi State for $$$$ I laughed. In fact I laughed pretty hard, "that's what you get Mr. Newton." But, right now I'm tired of hearing about it. As of right now all they have are weak facts, and nothing solid. Right now the Freakin' FBI is getting involved! That is ridiculous! If someone did pay money for Cam to play, will anyone get arrested? Will the guilty parties pack their bags and head to luxurious Guantanamo Bay-like place? NO! Because it's not against the law. Its an NCAA violation, so why is the FBI even hangin' around?

If I was running things I'd say let the NCAA work out their own mess, theres really nothing that FBI can do anyways. Besides, they should pay those athletes to play anyways....Do you know how much schools get for just making it to a bowl game?


  1. we're not done talking about Lebron James yet, what are you doing making another post?

  2. totes jk, lol, bbq dude. I like SportsCenter and MNF but I hate ESPN some times for just this reason. WAY TOO MUCH coverage of the most recent hot topic, whether it's Cam Newton, Brett Favre, Lebron James or Tim Tebow.
    I respect Cam Newton's game, the kid is a baller. I know schools make ridiculous amounts of money from football and that lots of top athletes accept money, but I still believe that there are some blue chippers that don't take money and hopefully a few top schools that don't offer it. So I do lose some respect for Newton, but I'm not a hater.
    I am cheering for Auburn to lose because I'm tired of seeing the SEC win the title year after year. Have they deserved it? Probably. But Barack Obama is president, weren't things supposed to change? Also I wouldn't be surprised if the SEC has the most football players making the most money and every school (besides maybe Vanderbilt) dishing it out.

  3. Ha ha yeah it's true, I've thrown up other post to get off subject before in the past, but if you want to keep beating a dead horse...So be it :)

  4. Just Kidding...I agree I would like to see Oregon beat Auburn for a couple of the same reasons you mentioned.

    But, I think what's really shaking the gorilla cage for me is the fact that the FBI is getting involved. I don't know what they're going to do about it? I don't know what they can do about it!

  5. Totally agree, doesn't seem like the FBI has much business messing with Cam Newton and his dad. I also think we're just scratching the surface of this kind of "scandal" and Reggie Bush and Cam Newton are being made examples of because they are so high profile. It kinda reminds me of when Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading or something like that. There were probably hundreds of other people they could have busted, but not many that could have created the same type of headlines.