Friday, July 23, 2010

What Do You Think Is This Kid A Catholic or A Convict...Probably Both!

So I watched this documentary a couple months ago about the University of Miami. And, man they super league sucked for a great number of years. They were trying desperately just to fill the stadium and in an attempt to fill said stadium if you bought a Big Mac in Miami you could get free tickets to the game. They thought that maybe Division I Football was too much for The University of Miami, because they lost all the time and no one wants to support a losing team. The University thought that they'd try one more option and that was to get a new coach with a big name and his name was Howard Schnellenberge. Coach Schnellenberge almost turned it down because he had other options offered him.

He decided to take the job. The first thing that Coach Schnellenberge did was he started recruiting down in the ghettos. No one had really done that before, and he filled a team with a bunch of gang bangers with speed. And, their style of play falls under the grounds of un-sportsman-like conduct. In fact many of the un-sportsman-like conduct and excessive celebration rules that we have today is a result from the 1980's Hurricanes Football Teams.

Sure enough in just 4 years the Miami Hurricanes went from almost being dropped down to Division I-AA to National Champs. They went on to win two more titles during that decade. One of the other powers of that decade was the Fighting Irish of ND. Because, Miami had recruited not really student athletes but thugs and the folks out of South Bend religious affiliation. This rivalry had been titled Catholics vs. Convicts, and make no mistake for a couple of the non-conference meetings the winner of this game pretty much determined the National Champ for that season.

I bring this up simply because in 2012 the two teams will meet on the gridiron again... When Butch Davis came on the scene his job was to clean up the convict image and they haven't won a National Title since. Perhaps with sales of Catholic vs Convicts tee-shirts already hitting the market the Hurricanes will win another National Championship...Lord only knows it will probably happen before Notre Dame wins another one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Game Bob?

Program Savior

No one can disrespect what Bob Stoops has done for the Sooner program. He has an outstanding win-loss percentage, a multitude of Big 12 Titles, and a phenomenal number of appearances in BCS bowls. In 11 years, Oklahoma has only lost two games at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium by a combined 6 points (to TCU and Oklahoma State, respectively). Bob Stoops will likely go down as one of the greatest coaches in college football history. I don't know how many coaches have had as much success in their entire life as Bob did from 2000-2010, but I'm guessing probably only a select few. He has restored greatness to a proud program that has again become a breeding ground for NFL talent.

Boomer Sooners Already Peaked? (downside of the pinnacle, summit, apex, golden climax)

The question I bring up today is, have we seen the best already? For a coach who has already been to the top, is there any way to go up? Or is it all down hill from here?

As much as OU has dominated the Big 12 since Coach Stoops' arrival, their record when matching up with other conferences in bowl games over the last 7 years has been . . . well, dismal. Yes they've been playing in big games against high ranked opponents and it is an accomplishment just getting that far, but has anyone else fared as poorly in big games recently? I don't know if I've ever heard as much hate for a conference as the Big 10 or as much disdain for a team as I did for Ohio State for their miserable performances in consecutive national championship games, but have they been any worse than the Big 12 champs?

The Mike Stoops Factor

Late in 2003, Bob's brother and defensive coordinator Mike left Oklahoma to become the head man for the University of Arizona Wildcats. Following the younger Stoops' departure, the Sooners were utterly dominated in the Big 12 Championship by Kansas State. Despite the pounding they took in the conference championship, OU was still selected over USC to play in the B(C)S Championship, and then lost to LSU.

Over the next 6 years Oklahoma won 2 bowl games. Two.

Yes, two.

The first win was a 3 point victory gained over the Oregon Ducks off a Brady Leaf interception. The other was a come-from-behind 4 point win over Stanford in the Holiday Bowl. Yes that is the same Stanford that hadn't been to a bowl game since 2001. Sure the Cardinal had a nice season going 6-3 in conference play in a down year for the PAC-10, but this was hardly a program defining victory for Oklahoma. Ok, I get that Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham were out for that game and were replaced by their 5 star recruit backups who had played the whole season in their places, but why couldn't a team that had 2 of the top 4 picks of the NFL Draft playing in their last college game display a little more dominance?

I digress, a win is a win and I won't scrutinize the Sooners any more for the times they took care of business. But let's talk a little about the losses. Three and a half years later, OU apologists are still throwing out excuses for the loss to Boise State, but never mention the performance in the BCS bowls the year before or the year after. Out of all the BCS bowls, most experts expected the biggest blowout in January 2008 to be Oklahoma over West Virginia. The Sooners were one of the most sure fire bets for college pick 'em that year. The result? West Virginia 48, Oklahoma 28, a 20-point loss.

It's not only the performance in bowl games that has taken a dive in since Mike Stoops left town. OU owned Texas in the Red River Shootout from 2000-2004, but has only beat the Longhorns once since then. I'm not going to definitely say that Mike is the reason, but if Arizona is able to win a couple of PAC-10 titles in the next few years, that may become the universally accepted theory.

So . . .

What's going on? Has Oklahoma become the San Diego Chargers of college football? Great regular seasons, but not able to get it done when it counts? Is Bob going to gain back the "Big Game" title? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who In The World Do You Think You Are?

Pat Haden has been appointed the new AD at USC... Ok, it's true that the former AD should have had better control over his program...But, this Pat guy is coming in and his first line of business is to return the Heisman Trophy that Reggie had earned because it's bad for USC's new image...Oh! And, they are going to scrub the Reggie's #5 Jersey off the wall? What a douche!

This is just a cheap PR trick trying to put the focus on Reggie Bush and off of the program...I mean come it's not like he killed his wife and the dude she was bangin'. (By the way OJ's heisman is still sitting pretty there in USC trophy case) Honestly, have we ever heard of Reggie getting fightin' Irish drunk, getting in fights, shooting himself in the leg, raping girls in Georgia Bars, drug abuse? The answer is NO! We haven't! Up until lately the only negative thing you've ever heard about Reggie Bush is that he hasn't lived up to his college hype.

I wonder if USC really wants to separate it's self from the contributions of Reggie Bush does that mean that the University will give back all the money he made for them? Not to mention the money that will be made by future recruits who worshiped Reggie as a kid and want to come to play where Reggie Bush played...

To sum up my rant, who in the world does Pat Haden think he is? Get off your high horse, I mean honestly you act like Reggie just ran over your dog or something. USC needs to just put it behind them and win more game and stop putting all the blame on a kid who just wanted to give his family a better house in a safer neighborhood and the money... What 18 year old would turn down that kind of cash if they were promised that no one would find out? Would you?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boise State vs Virginia Tech

I don't care.

No one that happens to not be on the Bronco Bandwagon does.

However, when there are articles like this it's easy, very easy, to root against someone because of the incredible cockiness.


---Coach Matlock---

Friday, July 9, 2010

Infinite Pool of Jealousy

The title of this post is what those who hate Lebron James' recent move to Miami swim in on the weekend. Well, I guess I swim in that pool too but I guess I'm just in on the shallow end because I can't believe the way people are getting fired up about this. There has been discussion in the I Phelta Thi Sports Nation about this topic of which I was not made part due to my voluntary isolation from civilized society. But it has come to my attention that for the most part we are on the same page.

The gist of the story is this; Lebron James did his job. In fact he did it very well. Well enough in fact that he was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award and awarded many bonus payouts for such successes from the Cleveland Cavaliers. And then the contract he said he would fulfill expired. One becomes a FREE AGENT after your contract expires, making you FREE to go wherever you like. Lebron chose to go Miami. BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!

I don't think Lebron has anything against Cleveland, other than it being Cleveland of course, and oh yeah, IT'S NOT MIAMI!! Cleveland is the 5 who manages to make out with an 8 but then gets pissed when the 8 realizes what he's done and doesn't call said 5 back the next day. Miami is the 8 (possibly 9, but not 10 because 10's don't make mistakes like that), Cleveland is the 5. Don't be pissed Cleveland. You can always make out with Anderson Varejao's hair.

Don't get me started on how Lebron tainted his legacy. Writers are obsessed with celebrities tarnishing their legacies by doing stupid things. They hold everyone to a faux-holy status that was set by someone who happened to set that standard. For example, Michael Jordan was the best ever and he played for one team his whole career. Therefore, all great players must play with one team. Horsefish. Just because it's been done that way before doesn't mean it has to be done that way forever. Using that illogical logic you could assume that Jordan didn't rape anyone and that's how it should be for you to be great and win championships. Well, Kobe shot that theory down, didn't he?

Look, I'm not going to by a Miami Lebron jersey, heck I didn't have a Cleveland one. But I will tune in and watch the first Heat game of the season....AS WILL THE REST OF THE COUNTRY!! Even those in Cleveland will watch it hoping he breaks a leg. And the NBA, the Miami Heat, and every invested interest will be laughing all the way back.

There may also be some basketball played in Miami next season too. If someone wants to complain about James going to the Heat and having to compete with Wade and Bosch for points and highlights, now that's a discussion I could have and still respect you. It will be interesting to see play out.

----Coach Matlock----

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Cool Sports Names

I figure that eventually someone will do a top ten list on this blog. So I might as well be the first. So, without further adieu, I give you the Top Ten Cool Sports Names!

10. Usain Bolt - Bolt is the man's last name and he's a sprinter. Lightning is fast. So is he.

9. Shaquille O'Neal - Names that rhyme are just plain cool. His nickname of Shaq is pretty cool because it takes a shoddy piece of construction (a shack) and changes it's spelling to a Q instead of a CK. Dang. I wish I could do that with my name.

8. Bill Romanowski - This is the epitome of cool football names. I feel like I just got my bell rung by saying his name. Talk about tough.

7. Tiger Woods - It'd be cooler if his name was Lyger Woods. Lygers are cooler than tigers and would win in a sword fight.

6. Dirk Nowiski - The man's name is Dirk. There's something to be said about one syllable names and European last names and kicking A.

5. Mookie Blaylock - Remember this guy? He was never a huge basketball star but had a solid career throughout the 90's. He was tough because his name was Mookie and he had to defend it and I guess he won.

4. Coco Crisp - The man's name makes me hungry for omelets. You may have thought it would make me hungry for breakfast cereal but it doesn't.

3. Satchel Paige - His first name is another word for Purse. I'm glad his mom went with Satchel instead of Purse.

2. Knowshon Moreno - I don't know Sean but I know of Sean.

1. Yogi Berra - No I did not say Yogi Bear steals pickanick baskets. I said Yogi Berra was an amazing baseball player.

****Criteria for making my list****
1. The only criteria for making my list is that I had to find it sufficiently cool. Anybody have any other suggestions? Also, this list is not exclusive. There are probably other cool names out there.

---Coach Matlock---