Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who In The World Do You Think You Are?

Pat Haden has been appointed the new AD at USC... Ok, it's true that the former AD should have had better control over his program...But, this Pat guy is coming in and his first line of business is to return the Heisman Trophy that Reggie had earned because it's bad for USC's new image...Oh! And, they are going to scrub the Reggie's #5 Jersey off the wall? What a douche!

This is just a cheap PR trick trying to put the focus on Reggie Bush and off of the program...I mean come it's not like he killed his wife and the dude she was bangin'. (By the way OJ's heisman is still sitting pretty there in USC trophy case) Honestly, have we ever heard of Reggie getting fightin' Irish drunk, getting in fights, shooting himself in the leg, raping girls in Georgia Bars, drug abuse? The answer is NO! We haven't! Up until lately the only negative thing you've ever heard about Reggie Bush is that he hasn't lived up to his college hype.

I wonder if USC really wants to separate it's self from the contributions of Reggie Bush does that mean that the University will give back all the money he made for them? Not to mention the money that will be made by future recruits who worshiped Reggie as a kid and want to come to play where Reggie Bush played...

To sum up my rant, who in the world does Pat Haden think he is? Get off your high horse, I mean honestly you act like Reggie just ran over your dog or something. USC needs to just put it behind them and win more game and stop putting all the blame on a kid who just wanted to give his family a better house in a safer neighborhood and the money... What 18 year old would turn down that kind of cash if they were promised that no one would find out? Would you?

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