Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Cool Sports Names

I figure that eventually someone will do a top ten list on this blog. So I might as well be the first. So, without further adieu, I give you the Top Ten Cool Sports Names!

10. Usain Bolt - Bolt is the man's last name and he's a sprinter. Lightning is fast. So is he.

9. Shaquille O'Neal - Names that rhyme are just plain cool. His nickname of Shaq is pretty cool because it takes a shoddy piece of construction (a shack) and changes it's spelling to a Q instead of a CK. Dang. I wish I could do that with my name.

8. Bill Romanowski - This is the epitome of cool football names. I feel like I just got my bell rung by saying his name. Talk about tough.

7. Tiger Woods - It'd be cooler if his name was Lyger Woods. Lygers are cooler than tigers and would win in a sword fight.

6. Dirk Nowiski - The man's name is Dirk. There's something to be said about one syllable names and European last names and kicking A.

5. Mookie Blaylock - Remember this guy? He was never a huge basketball star but had a solid career throughout the 90's. He was tough because his name was Mookie and he had to defend it and I guess he won.

4. Coco Crisp - The man's name makes me hungry for omelets. You may have thought it would make me hungry for breakfast cereal but it doesn't.

3. Satchel Paige - His first name is another word for Purse. I'm glad his mom went with Satchel instead of Purse.

2. Knowshon Moreno - I don't know Sean but I know of Sean.

1. Yogi Berra - No I did not say Yogi Bear steals pickanick baskets. I said Yogi Berra was an amazing baseball player.

****Criteria for making my list****
1. The only criteria for making my list is that I had to find it sufficiently cool. Anybody have any other suggestions? Also, this list is not exclusive. There are probably other cool names out there.

---Coach Matlock---


  1. Spud Webb, Rollie Fingers, Gaylord Perry, Vida Blue, Catfish Hunter, Milton Bradley, Babe Ruth, Olden Polynice, Manute Bol.

    Some of them might be nicknames, like catfish, but they are still awesome.

  2. GOD SHAMMGOD: College basketball star that led Providence to the elite eight in '97 where the lost to Mike Bibby and the eventual champion Arizona Wildcats. He played high school ball with Ron Artest and taught Kobe his crossover dribble move in a summer league.

  3. Also, Chris Moneymaker: 2003 World Series of Poker Champion. I know poker isn't a real sport, but they show it on ESPN so I'm counting it.

  4. LOVE THE POST! And I have to agree that Bill Romanowski is by far the best name for a linebacker... You have Roman which I think in it's self sounds tough and then a owski which is Russian and everyone knows that the Russian's are scary.... But, there is one name I can't believe hasn't been brought up yet!

    WAYNE BASS!!!!

    Come on that's awesome, it works for Football Baseball... Basketball maybe not so much, but Football and Baseball totally

  5. I think I'll make a tee shirt that say's I'm F'en Wayne Bass! Wait, haven't we already talked about this once before?

  6. -owski is Polish.

    We should each make I Phelta Thi shirts with the I Phelta Thi logo on the front top left of the shirt and then a personalized slogan on the back. Like "I'm F'n Wayne Bass." But that would only be for Wayne.