Friday, July 9, 2010

Infinite Pool of Jealousy

The title of this post is what those who hate Lebron James' recent move to Miami swim in on the weekend. Well, I guess I swim in that pool too but I guess I'm just in on the shallow end because I can't believe the way people are getting fired up about this. There has been discussion in the I Phelta Thi Sports Nation about this topic of which I was not made part due to my voluntary isolation from civilized society. But it has come to my attention that for the most part we are on the same page.

The gist of the story is this; Lebron James did his job. In fact he did it very well. Well enough in fact that he was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award and awarded many bonus payouts for such successes from the Cleveland Cavaliers. And then the contract he said he would fulfill expired. One becomes a FREE AGENT after your contract expires, making you FREE to go wherever you like. Lebron chose to go Miami. BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!

I don't think Lebron has anything against Cleveland, other than it being Cleveland of course, and oh yeah, IT'S NOT MIAMI!! Cleveland is the 5 who manages to make out with an 8 but then gets pissed when the 8 realizes what he's done and doesn't call said 5 back the next day. Miami is the 8 (possibly 9, but not 10 because 10's don't make mistakes like that), Cleveland is the 5. Don't be pissed Cleveland. You can always make out with Anderson Varejao's hair.

Don't get me started on how Lebron tainted his legacy. Writers are obsessed with celebrities tarnishing their legacies by doing stupid things. They hold everyone to a faux-holy status that was set by someone who happened to set that standard. For example, Michael Jordan was the best ever and he played for one team his whole career. Therefore, all great players must play with one team. Horsefish. Just because it's been done that way before doesn't mean it has to be done that way forever. Using that illogical logic you could assume that Jordan didn't rape anyone and that's how it should be for you to be great and win championships. Well, Kobe shot that theory down, didn't he?

Look, I'm not going to by a Miami Lebron jersey, heck I didn't have a Cleveland one. But I will tune in and watch the first Heat game of the season....AS WILL THE REST OF THE COUNTRY!! Even those in Cleveland will watch it hoping he breaks a leg. And the NBA, the Miami Heat, and every invested interest will be laughing all the way back.

There may also be some basketball played in Miami next season too. If someone wants to complain about James going to the Heat and having to compete with Wade and Bosch for points and highlights, now that's a discussion I could have and still respect you. It will be interesting to see play out.

----Coach Matlock----


  1. First off, enough with the "Kobe is a rapist" bullshiz. If doing the mattress mambo with some slutty skank who, after doing the deed, realizes she might be able to make some money if she cries rape, is considered rape, then call him a rapist. If that's not rape, then shut the hell up.

    Now on to Queen James. I couldn't care less that he didn't stay in Cleveland. I wouldn't have stayed there either. He couldn't win a championship in Cleveland and the Cavs weren't going to get any better. My issue with the Queen's choice is that, instead of going to a team where he IS the franchise, he goes to a team where he is Scottie Pippen or Pau Gasol. With D Wade on the same team, James will never win another MVP. Nobody will ever look at the Heat and say, "ya know, LeBron is THE reason they are winning." Even if they do win championships, it's like to the "Big 3" in Boston, and not anything close to Jordan or Kobe leading their team to a championship. Don't act like LeBron doesn't care about his legacy. He had the chance to be greater than Jordan, but that will never come close to happening now that he has become second fiddle to Dwayne Wade on Dwayne Wade's team.

    LeBron could have gone to Chicago and he would have been THE guy. The Bulls have enough pieces in place to win a championship with LeBron, and it would have been HIS championship. And the Bulls actually have a supporting cast in place, unlike Miami. With Noah, Rose, Boozer (and now Korver) the Bulls would have been the favorite in the East with LeBron leading the team. The championships in Chicago would have been LeBron's. It would have been HIS show, and he could have built the legacy that was (and probably still is) important to him.

  2. Lebron was never going to be greater than Jordan anyway. I don't think he has/had the refined skills that Jordan had. He has never had the "intangibles" that you always hear about that Jordan, Johnson, Bird, etc had. (so cliche) That's why I think he never would have been as good as Jordan.

    About the Kobe Therapist it was a joke. In no way meant to be serious. Tasteless, but not serious.

    And my deal with the whole ordeal had nothing to do with him not going to the Bulls. It was just the outcry that came about after him leaving. I believe that the fans in Cleveland and around the country would have been just as pissed if he had gone to Chicago. Know what I mean?

    As to why he didn't want to go to Chicago could have been about truly being more in Jordan's shadow even more than he was before.

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