Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boise State vs Virginia Tech

I don't care.

No one that happens to not be on the Bronco Bandwagon does.

However, when there are articles like this it's easy, very easy, to root against someone because of the incredible cockiness.


---Coach Matlock---


  1. I read the article and this was the comment I left the writer via e-mail

    Hey man,

    I read your article and while I can appreciate the passion and excitement you exude for the Boy's in Blue. I feel that I need to make a comment. The Ducks of last year did go on to win the Pac-10 and then lose the rose bowl, but lets be honest last year was a crappy season for the Pac-10. In fact it was kind of a boring season of college football (for the most part through out the nation.) Just the fact that two non automatic qualifying teams made it to a Major Bowl goes to show that the rest of the nation was kind of in a slump.

    And, the season opener of last years game between BSU and Oregon was honestly the crappiest game I had ever seen. I'm saying that on both sides of the ball, and to be honest I feel that Boise St. only won that game because they sucked less then the Ducks did that night. But, as the season went on both teams had gotten a LOT better then on the Sept. 3rd game on the smurf turf.

    For the Fiesta Bowl win last year over TCU by 7 points, that game could have easily gone either way, but a win is a win. And, I understand you pointing this bowl win out because of the returning starters for next season. But, lets not pretend that this was an all out dominate bowl win.

    Chris Peterson is a class act, and I have nothing negativity to say about the guy! I will say this about Boise State's record though. In the last 6 years they have only won 2 bowl games. Those 49 wins under Peterson's belt come mainly against WAC teams...I mean its the WAC. Luckily, one of the two bowl win's happened to be against a cocky Oklahoma Sooners (I understand mental preparation is apart of football, but when a team starts the second half down 21-10 and then goes on to score 4 touchdowns as opposed to 2 in the second half then it's obvious the Sooners didn't respect their opponents coming into the game.) And, the other BCS Bowl win was against what is beginning to become a good evenly matched rivalry between them and TCU. (If you'll remember the year before last TCU beat BSU in that bowl game which was also a game that could have gone either way.) It didn't get as much notoriety as BSU's win this last year because it wasn't a Major BCS Bowl. And, no one really wants to kick the little guy when he's down, but they will praise him when he does good.

    The only point that I'm trying to make is that Boise State is not an all out dominate force in NCAA Football. While the stats that you pointed out in your article do appear to be impressive, I feel they are just a bit misleading. I think that the VT BSU game will be a great kick off to the NCAA season, but no one can say that one team "will beat" the other. Unless, of course your just a hard core fan while waving a number one foam finger in the air. And if that is the case, then that's cool too...I do the same thing for my teams!

    Thanks for reading this man,

    Wayne Bass

  2. The writers response:

    Thanks for writing Wayne. I don't disagree with the points you made. I am not a BSU fan in any way. I'm not from Idaho and I don't root for the Broncos. While BSU's glossy record under Petersen is mostly made of weak WAC teams, I simply looked at this BSU roster in big games against ranked teams when they had time to a long time to prepare. In those cases, they win, mostly because of brilliant defensive game plans.
    The BSU-Va. Tech game is probably a 50-50 game and if it was in October, I'd give Tech the edge. Put it on Labor Day and I don't see BSU losing with its recent track recent in those games. That's all the column said.

    Thanks for reading and offering your feedback


  4. I don't think he owned him at all. He just got one of the main sportswriter for the main newspaper in southern Idaho to admit he's not a Boise State fan. That sounds like Wayne Bass just won.

  5. You boys still haven't gotten over this (you'll have to copy and paste. But you already know what it is.)