Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lebron is a Tool

Miami 5-4 Cleveland 4-4


HAHAHAHAHAHA . . . haha . . . haha . . . hehe . . . whoo

I know some say it's Cleveland's Fault Lebron left because they didn't build a team around him. Ok, so Lebron didn't have Pippen, Rodman, and Kukoc playing with him, but the Cavaliers aren't that terrible. It's not like Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison are Smush Parker and Kwame Brown.

I know the Cavs probably won't keep up with the Heat for the entire year. They may not even make the playoffs, which is why I'm taking my shots right now. After "The Decision," Lebron has filled the least favorite NBA player void left open for me when Bruce Bowen retired. Which is why I like this:

Yeah, yeah, I've heard it before and I get it. Lebron James was a free agent and Lebron James was under no legal or ethical obligation to stay in Cleveland. But the truth of the matter is that Lebron James positioned himself to be Cleveland's greatest sports icon EVER. Lebron James was becoming a hero to a city that has stood behind crappy sports teams for decades, Lebron James promised to finally give them their only championship after many near misses . . . and then Lebron James gave up . . . in the 2nd round of the playoffs . . . and does anyone else think it's stupid how much Lebron James refers to himself in 3rd person?

Maybe it's a reflection of professional sports today. Athletes have to feed their families, they have to do what's best for #1. But I can't help but feel that it wasn't that long ago that people who got paid millions of dollars to play a game still cared about the concept of team, cared about the cities they represented and the fans that loved them.

I've been in a locker room and looked around and felt like the other guys there were my brothers ready to go to war with me. Knowing that I had to leave it all on the field and win my battle on each possession, on every play, or else I was letting my team down. I've had those moments where I knew that the name on the back of my jersey didn't matter nearly as much as the name on front. I honestly wonder if Lebron James ever has . . .

Cleveland 2
Lebron 0
South Park 1


  1. Holy Crap Quinn! Lebron doesn't owe anyone anything! He's an athlete who plays a game for a living. That means that this sport has become a business. If you were given a job offer from another company with better benefits and compensation, would you take it? For Lebron Miami offered him better opportunities then what Cleveland was offering. So, heaven forbid that even King James do what he feels is best for him.

    Albert Einstein said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. How many years was he at Cleveland, and how many championships did he win? If it wasn't working for him do something different.

    I will agree that I get annoyed with the 3rd person, refusing to shake after losing, and the way he held an hour special to announce what he's doing. But, after the way Dan Gilbert acted once Lebron left was childish and so I side with Lebron.

    Ps. I was really impressed with how you included Cortex's outline of argumentation with anticipating what the other will say and try to debunk it before they bring it up, thus the argument will lose credibility. But, truth be told Lebron fulfilling his contract and then leaving, shouldn't be over looked. I mean what more do they expect from him?


  3. Wayne did you even read the whole post?

  4. It seems like you really missed the entire idea to argue a point I wasn't trying to make. So let me summarize:
    1- Lebron James announced he had a goal to bring a championship to Cleveland and declared he wouldn't quit until he acheived that goal.
    2- He quit. He gave up before even reaching the prime of his career and used a one hour tv special to do it
    3- Therefore he is a douche bag

    Please don't bring up the fact that he had no contractual obligation as I already stated that is not a factor as to why I think he is a total loser.

  5. So, is Barry Sanders also a loser in your book? Barry signed a 6 year contract and got a big bonus, then he decides to retire. Barry said that year after year of losing has robbed him of his competitive drive.

    Lebron did his best and feel short. And, your right when you said that Mr. Mo and Antwan aren't slobs and they also aren't Scottie Pippen or the Worm either.

    Remember back when Brett Favre tried to get Randy Moss to come to Greenbay. Tom Brady took a pay cut to get Moss. Great players want to surround themselves with other great players. They do this because they want to win championships. And, Lebron is no different. They had 6 years to build a championship team. If Lebron stayed would he have eventually won one? Probably. By surrounding himself with guys like Chris Bosh, D. Wade has his chances of winning one increased? Yeah, I'd say they have. Could Cleveland have gotten those kind of guys to come over to join the Cavaliers? Why didn't they?

    I agree it was pretty presumptuous to announce that he won't quit until Cleveland win's a Championship. But, because he's not married to the Cavaliers I don't think it necessary to crucify the man.

    Heaven forbid you never follow through on a wild claim.

  6. First - Wayne Bass I love you and I respect your opinion, I just strongly disagree with you on this one.
    Second - I love Barry Sanders.
    I don't remember him holding an hour long special on ESPN to surprise Detroit with his retirement after promising that he wouldn't quit until he won them a title.
    I don't remember Barry Sanders blaming his coach for the team starting a season 5-4 by saying he's making his stars play too many minutes.
    I don't remember Barry Sanders referring to himself in 3rd person.
    Let me emphasize again that it's not so much about Lebron leaving Cleveland as it is THE WAY HE DID IT . . . and the way he's still trying to justify himself by making commercials instead of producing wins on the court.
    I understand players wanting to get rings and I don't like Kevin Garnett or Gary Payton any less for jumping from sinking ships in the twilight of their careers after they carried franchises on their backs.
    I sure as heck am not siding with Dan Gilbert. I think his reaction was petty and absurd, but does that mean I have to side with Lebron?
    I'm just saying that for me, Lebron had the potential to be in a class with Michael Jordan or Joe Montana and make a doormat franchise relevant. Instead he decided to be in a class with T.O., Randy Moss, and Albert Haynesworth.
    All those guys are obviously more athletic than I am and make more money in one season than I will in my life. They're all talented, but some are champs and some are chumps.

  7. Cleveland 2
    Lebron 0
    South Park 1
    Kobe 5

    Kobe wins.