Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Is Robert Leland Freakin' Warnick

I'll tell you who he is...He is one of the raddest dudes you and I know! He stands a six one with a 375 batting average and zero errors in the I Phelta Thi Kick Ball Night. Rockin' Rob has a great jump shot, he's a God on the tennis court, and homeboy can sit down to shoot the breeze about any sport you throw his way. Rob's is currently in a three way tie between Tyler Matlock and Quinn Merrill as Karaoke King.

Now, keep in mind that no one can ever replace a Tyler Matlock as I Phelta Thi V.P. But, Rockin' Rob has served as the Vice President in an AWESOME matter that I feel has earned him a spot in our Fantasy Football League. I know that we currently have 10 guys which makes it an even number, but Rob has wanted a spot on our Fantasy League ever since he got back from his Mission. Honestly, I think that's the whole reason he roomed with me back in Rexburg. What do you guys say? Can we give the guy we all know and love a spot in the League next year?

Here's an insert from a facebook message he recently sent me:

Seatle sucks. They were soundly beaten by the chargers, but luckily pulled it out despite poor coaching by Pete Carroll. I like Atlanta, The Jets, and of course the team that is unquestionably playing the best game in the NFL right now (with a 4th string QB) Pittsburg.

Don't get me started on Cardinals, I hear about them all to much down here in Phoenix....And they suck!! D.A. is a Sh^*#! QB and his replacement (Max Hall (who everybody down here worships because evidently he is a native to these parts)) is even worse.

The kid wants to play, what do you say brethren?

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