Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I'm Going to Beat You This Year

You probably think I'm going to give some fantasy football secrets out. Nope! I'm just planning on repeating some facts that should help you come to the same conclusion that I have come to.

1. I'm getting A.P. again
2. Zach Gibson hasn't been good at Fantasy Football since Ought Seven
3. Dating all the way back to the foundation of the I Phelta Thi league no one has ever repeated a championship, so Thome's out
4. Ryan DeCoria has just gotten married...I'm pretty sure he's going to be blinded by a new love just like our friend Brent Cook...So they are both out!
5. Joe Strickland is dating someone (a girl this time) and even though he claims he'll pay attention, I don't really believe it. I've seen her on Facebook...Trust me boys Joe's attention will be elsewhere.
6. Then there's Dan Bird... I don't think anyone's ever said "oh crap! I have to play Dan this week" :) jk if your reading (YOUR DA MAN DAN)
7. Tyler Matlock...He's a coach and a dad!!! Where is he going to find the time?
8. Quinn andTeam Boo...lets just say that I'm really not that worried about either one of them
9. Oh yeah and I'm getting A.P. again this year


  1. oh ya john bytheway, we arent doing the keeper thing this year. too many people dont want to do it.

  2. I thought we all ready voted on it? It's cool...I'll still win :)