Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Virginia is for Broncos?

Boise State versus Virginia Tech. They came, they played, and then the game was over. The aftermath is Boise State is 1-0 and that's it. You wont see any hotel reservations in Glendale,AZ under the name of Tom Widdison just yet. Cause lets be honest, I'll probably stay with Quinn if I go down anyways. Oh and that the Broncos still have to play the rest of their schedule too. Mostly that. The win last night was a great one but now more than ever Chris Peterson needs to make sure his team really does just play one game at a time cause one slip up and there is no way you can even talk about them making it into the championship game. As it is now, this win just keeps them in the conversation, and that's it.

I did take a few things away from that game other than if peeing your pants during a game winning drive is cool, then consider me Miles Davis. The biggest thing is that are resilient. They jumped out to a huge lead, then blew it. But they were able to come up with a couple stops and then a huge drive by Moore and ended up winning the game. That's what championship teams are made of. They make plays when they need to and win games. Both teams were sloppy. Hence the 17 point lead and then losing it. Chalk that up to turnovers. But the difference is Boise State made their mistakes when they had time to make up for it. And then made up for it. Plain and simple.
Another thing is Kellen Moore is good. I don't see his game transitioning into the NFL but on the college level he is the man. He makes good decisions and gets rid of the ball quickly. And when it comes down to a do or die drive he has the poise to lead his team to victory. The offensive line played good too. I was impressed with some of the holes for the running game they were able to produce against that defense. But they need to fix the penalties they had. Too many holding and illegal procedure calls.

So now they need to clean up that sloppy play and blow out some WAC teams and then we'll talk. But let this be a lesson to Mark May and all the other Boise State haters, BCS talk aside, this is a great team and can play with anyone despite what conference they are from. So don't take that away from them.


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  2. What a perfect capstone to the first week of college football! Man oh man, I love it! For Boise State I think Herbstreit nailed it when he said that STYLE POINTS MATTER. This win keeps them in the discussion, but they've got to blow out the rest of their competition.
    1 or 2 close games against Oregon State and maybe Fresno or Nevada might not hurt them too bad, but they have got to destroy some teams if you want to be waking up on my couch (or air mattress) come January.

  3. About a month late my comment comes. However, in hindsight we see that VT wasn't the team they were made out to be at the beginning of the season.

    Still in hindsight, that was one heck of a fun game to watch! Kudos to the broncs of BS!