Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BYU Honor Code/Facebook Friends

Every sports writer in America has put their two cents in about last week's news out of Provo, UT and the suspension of BYU player Brandon Davies. I haven't been surprised to see all the attention that the entire situation has garnered. However, I am surprised that the sports world hasn't caught on to the fact that I am Facebook friends with the guy who moved from the 4 spot to the 5 spot to replace Davies; Noah Hartsock!! Yeah, that's right! I'm FBF with the guy who touches the same ball as Player of the Year candidate Jimmer Fredette. I'm FBF with the guy from OKLAHOMA who is part of the best BYU basketball ever. For further proof see the following image. Who are you FBF with!?!


  1. HAHA dude I didn't realize Noah is from Oklahoma, he's married to my cousin!

  2. Noah and I made out once after a Shelbourne South Tower party! OMG!!!!!!!!!11111111111

  3. Tyler, can you make a friend suggestion for me? I think with you and Quinn as mutual friends...He'll accept me, and then hopefully I can get a couple other BYU ballers.

    I'm hopping that Mr. Jimmer gets drafted to the Clippers and then I can worm my way into becoming friends with Blake Griffin and that should open the doors to other mutual friends that Blake and I might share with Sam Bradford.

    Maybe then in a long round-about way I can become friends with the NFL's Rookie of the Year