Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 4 predictions.......PAIN!

Well you've all been asking for it(no one has) so now here it is(deal with it). The Wild World of I Phelta Thi Sports predictions presented by Thome! Every week I'll break down the each match up and then give the prediction of who will win. Originally I wanted to put on the head of the teams mascot like Lee Corso does but then I was informed that none of us actually have any mascot uniforms so I will just say who I think will win followed by a hopefully funny pun about them. Here we go:


I feel like The Pahoran Stars record is a bit deceiving. While they are 0-3 they rank 5Th in total offense. Last week they scored a lot of points but they came up against the fantasy point machine that is the Trogdor Burninators so you have to chalk that up to bad timing. But if he is to climb out of this early season hole he is going to need to get more production out of Rashard Mendenhall. He just isn't living up the high draft pick status this year. But he is getting great production out of undrafted free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick, that was a very good pick up for coach Wayne Bass. On the other side of the field is Moosen, who seems to have recovered from that week one debacle of only scoring 71 points and has put up 135 and 128 respectively in the last two games. That said I think the Pahoran stars breaks though and gets their first win this year.


I feel like this one could get ugly early. With Rightwing average 142 points a game and with some favorable match ups the sluggish 9Th ranked offense of Kickinbass will be hard pressed to keep up. Their only hope is the running back combo of Rice and Jones-Drew have bad days and are held to single digit outings. My pick: Rightwing Conspiracy in a (FIXED?)blowout.


Its a huge surprise to me that the Tigres are 1-2 so far. With Tom Brady putting up crazy numbers and being the highest scorer in the league so far and having AP at running back they should be lighting up the score board yet only rank 6Th in offensive output. Inconsistent play from the rest of the players is really killing them. Mean while the Monsters have been getting a solid effort every week and are ranked 4Th in the standings this week. And while my gut says they will find a way to pull it off again this week I just cant pick against a team led by Brady and Peterson: Los Tigres by a whisker.


The injury to Kenny Britt is a huge one for the Mukdukes. They were so close to having the best Receiving core in the league with Andre Johnson, Britt and Steve Smith. 3 top 5 wide outs. Mean while the Will Smiths have put together the 3rd ranked offense without the services of second overall draft choice Arian "the nation" Foster. When he comes back and is healthy watch out for this team: BelAir Will Smiths by 15


In what has been affectionately dubbed "The 'ators bowl" by some(me) the only undefeated teams square off this week. These two rank 1st and 2ND in offense so this should be a high scoring shootout! These two teams are stacked. They have the #2 and #3 ranked QBs (Brees and Rodgers). The #2 ranked running back(McCoy). The #1 ranked wide receiver(Welker). And the #1 and #2 ranked tight ends in Gronkowski and Keller! I'm thinking to win this one it is a must you score over 180(which both teams have done this year already) and with only the Tampa Bay Defense going on Monday night we should have a good idea by tomorrow night who will be in sole possession of the #1 spot of the league. Winner: Trogdor. Come on, did you really think I was going to pick against myself?

And there you have it, will it play out this way? Probably not. I mean that is why we play the game......

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