Monday, August 2, 2010

What the Heck Is This? Russia?!?!

Hello my fellow fantasy footballar friends,

I have a question which I have ran by the commissioner and he informed me that I need to get a majority to follow this idea to get it passed. We currently have it where if we want to make a trade we have to wait to see if it's ok with everyone else. I understand the reasoning, it's to keep people from stacking their team when other managers come to the realization that their team won't make the playoff's. example: Trading Chris Johnson for Tim Tebow, or for a kicker in week 10

I think that with the group of guys that we have, we really don't need to regulate eachother or have to worry about with BS trades...I mean I don't think that anyone wants to get suspended for the next season. We talked about this a little last year and a really good point that was made was. "If MAC and MICROSOFT want to make a business deal they don't have to wait until IBM say's that they are ok with it.

The major reason I want to get rid of the current waiting period is because I want the new player on my roster the moment the two managers feel confident about the trade. Come on men, together we can make this happen!


  1. If Microsoft and Mac wanted to make a deal Bill Gates wouldn't just give Steve Jobs a phone call Saturday night and you wouldn't suddenly see XBOX 360's being sold at Apple Stores across the nation on Sunday morning.
    My vote is NO.
    Get your trade taken care of in the middle of the week. I don't think it's fair for an owner to go to bed thinking he's going to play one team Saturday night, only to wake up and play and see a starting lineup with a player who wasn't even on the roster the day before.
    Leave the midnight trades and 2 AM franchise re-locations to Bob Irsay and let's keep the rules the way they are.

  2. actually wayne your example is actually better served being used as to push the way we already do it. aka these companies have a board of trustees that they have to run ideas like this by. So what would happen is jobs and gates would make this deal, go back to the board, tell them and they would vote on it yes or no. kinda like how we make a deal on the trade and then run it by the rest of the league and get a yes or no. So thank you for helping me prove my side....

  3. I think I understand what your saying Thome, but you see I make up my own board of trustees, just as you do for your team. For the example to work the way you want it to I have to include the board of trustees from other companies in on the trade vote.

    Quinn, for Gates and Jobs to work out some sort of deal won't happen just as easy as a phone call the night before. But, the point that I was making is that they are not going to have to wait until IBM say's its cool with them first.

    I really wish you guys, and the rest of the league would reconsider your position on this matter

  4. And my point is that it doesn't matter if the rest of the league approves the trade or not.
    If a trade is made between you and Tom there is no button that appears on my screen asking me to accept or deny the trade.

    And IBM has absolutely nothing to do with it. This is FOOTBALL. In the NFL they have salary caps, waiver wires, trade deadlines and all kinds of rules and regulations.
    Jerry Jones can't call up Bob Kraft on Saturday night and say

    "hey put Randy Moss on a plane tonight so he can start for the Cowboys tomorrow morning against the Eagles, we'll give you Dez Bryant and even throw in Tashard Choice, so be ready to pick them up from the airport in a few hours. I just really want the satisfaction of seeing Randy Moss on our roster right away."

    Jerry Jones can't do that and he's a multi-millionaire. Wayne Bass shouldn't be able to do it either.