Thursday, April 14, 2011

Help Me Please...I Can't Do This Alone

Brethren, I call upon all of you for help! I know that normally we debate certain topics quite furiously, and at times when we don't see eye to eye. Some of us on occasion has even threatened to leave the blog. Honestly, that's great! Really that's what I LOVE keep it up boys! It's that diversity among us middle class white males age 25-32 that has made this blog what it is today! If two partners agree on everything then the other partner isn't needed

Anyways, I'm asking for us to be able to set aside our differences on sport topics and focus on my current issue. I'm calling for blog wide help men! For this quick moment I need all Bloggers and Followers to focus our efforts from Blog Post vs. You to Us vs. Them. We are stronger together, and together we will achieve!

Most of you know my true feelings about women sports/ soccer and to be honest I feel that I have a pretty good arsenal to combat this communist sport when someone dares to challenge me. But, I have a new adversary men, it's called Rugby.

Earlier today I was called out by some foreigners who kept making fun of the fact that in America we have to wear protection so as not to get hurt. I explained that the style in which we tackle in America requires extra protection as opposed to the simple wrap up and pull down style of tackling they prefer across the big pond.

I've seen Thank You For Smoking and I am fully aware of the Nick Naylor approach to changing the topic to whatever I want to talk about. Luckily once we started talking about soccer I was able to reach back like a PIMP and verbally B-Slap those Brits!

That was a one time deal men, the next time I may not be so lucky. I won't be on campus at all tomorrow, and chances are good that those British kids aren't LDS so I probably won't see them at church on Sunday!!! But Monday I know I will see them again, because as they walked away with their tails between their legs they had the look in their eyes that spoke to me as if to say...”I'm calling my cousins and on Monday we'll have an amazing argument.” You didn't see their eyes, I did and that's what they said to me!

So, as you're reading this if the thought “Piss on Wayne” comes to your mind, just remember you're not doing this for me but you're doing this for America! If you won't do it for America, then please for the love of William H. Macy do it for FOOTBALL!!!!

football Football Football FOOtball FOOTball FOOTBall FOOTBAll FOOTBALl FOOTBALL!!!



  2. Ok, here ya go.

    Joe Paterno argues that the helmet, face mask and arguably other protective equipment actually causes more injuries than it prevents. For example, if you weren't wearing any protective gear would you tackle and hit as hard as you would with out it? Nope. Therefore, Rugby doesn't use pads because they don't want to get hurt or inflict as much pain.