Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are You Ready?

As we kick-off to another kick-ass season of blog post from the Brotherhood of I Phelta Thi Fantasy Football League, we would like to welcome our newest members a Mr. Robert Leland Warnick and Jeffery Scott Poole. I've known these men for a good while and I know that their hearts are good. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these great men, allow me to make your introduction.

Robert Freakin' Warnick pictured just after rush week when he had to walk like this to Salt Lake to be in the Brotherhood... (He's the only one who was willing to do an initiation) This is a cool guy, trust me :)

Jeff Poole is a man among boys, although you probably wouldn't think that as you see him playing with Poo in this picture. But, believe me when I tell you he's a cool guy too.

One of the problems of having a superawesome Fantasy Football League is our friends who get left out. I know that Rob has been on the waiting list for like 2 years... AT LEAST! And Jeff, who knows how long that kids been whining about it. But sadly, we are not able to accommodate all of our superrad friends, and we as a whole we have decided for obvious reasons not to expand from a 10 man to a 12 man league.

But, I just wanted to take a quick moment to recognize the little guy who got left out this year. Joseph Warner Cook! Many of you will remember Joe as Brent Cooks little brother, but his College Bowl Pick'em record would make you think that Brent is the younger of the two.

When Brent first came to me stating that Joe feels ready to run with the big dawgs I recommend he blog about it. And, what happened? NOTHING! Brent dropped the ball... Sorry Joe :) So, right now I'm trying to reserve a spot for you when the next opening occurs. But, I'm not sure if there is someone ahead of you, or if that day would ever come. But, should any of our comrades decide to wuss out in the future. I would like to make an official request to have you Mighty Joe Cook on deck for the next opening in the I Phelta Thi Fantasy Football League.

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