Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Men, I think we all know why I'm here today, I am here to inform you that I feel that we need ONE solid Commissioner! One leader among this group of extraordinary Fantasy Football Leaguers. I don't know of any tribe, kingdom, or even with our Democratic system where power changes hands so quickly. But, power does change hands within tribes, kingdoms and with our Presidents but not like the way we throw it around like a hot potato.

I propose that we develop a system that would allow us to not have to worry about training a new Commish every year, and once they learn the system and get everything under control we get a new commissioner. Right now we all voice our opinion the Alpha Male will stand up and declare when the draft is and then the new Commissioner will state when the draft is and will send out the invites after getting trained on it. I like how we are able to voice our thoughts and then the commissioner decides what's best for the whole... Let's keep that up, because let's be honest... If we keep going the way were going as far as getting a new commissioner then someday we'll have Joe Strickland as the Commish! And just think of that Crazy Dictatorship!!!

Keep in mind that this was a good system we had when everyone thought that being the Comish was something to be desired. But, now we know what a mess it is and how needy Fantasy Owners like myself can be. Zach was our fist one and the little guy did a good job, The tyrannical reign Quinn, was actually pretty good also, I think we were all surprised with Thome not sluffing off commish responsibilities and hosting a successful draft and a pleasant season. I don't know is there anyone else that I'm missing? We've been playing for a while. Has Brent ever been a Commissioner? I don't know he excels at everything else in life why not as Commissioner as well?

I bring this list up of proven Commissioners to propose that we nominate one man to be our fearless commissioner. But, to avoid getting burnt out I propose that the man who we elect they will be commish for the next Presidential Term. I mean if a feller can successfully lead a country and hand over a country after four years we could do the same with our League.

So, let's put a vote to it and make a Commissioner who will be incharge for the next four years of Mitt Romney's first term :) What do you say MEN? Let's do


  1. I nominate Zachary Paul Gibson... Remember if you second that means you vote for him too

  2. No, to Zach or to the idea of keeping the same commish for a couple years?

  3. The right of the commissionership falls to me this year anyway Wayne Bass. I hereby use my dictator... uh... i mean, "commissioner" powers to second Zach Gibson as the commissioner this year. Except I don't really care who does it as long as it isn't Wayne Bass. I just don't want to do it.

  4. Joe, I think you would be great at it. I also think that Zach, Quinn, Thome, or even Brent Cook would make a good Commish... I just think that it would be better if we had some consistency in leadership for the league.

  5. Hell yeah! That sounds like a great idea Wayne!!!

    Hey can I do that Final Fantasy Football thing with you guys this year?

    I'm real good I promise

  6. oh p.s. i'm cool with whoever, zach would be fine