Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh BCS How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

I haven't been too vocal this football season, but I can't be sit back and be idle about this atrocity. The BCS who (keep in mind) was created to supposedly "help" the big boys stay the big boys has screwed over my favorite team the Oklahoma Sooners in a BCS Bid this year! They did this by overlooking my beloved Sooners and giving the at large to Northern Illinois. WHAT?!?! Granted Oklahoma shouldn't have put themselves in a spot to be an at large bid, but HOLY COW Northern Illinois... Really? The only top 25 team they beat was the "Power House" Kent State the 2nd OVERTIME, that apparently was SUPER impressive to the computers! It might have been impressive if Kent State had more wins from a ranked team. The only ranked opponent Kent State has beat this year is the currently unranked Rutgers! In the previous paragraph, I pointed out how they didn't play anyone who was ranked except for Kent State, and they barley got that. This paragraph will talk about their successes this season that got them to play Florida State! Bobby Bowden would role over in his grave!!! He passed away right? Anyways, rest in peace Bobby B. The tough non-conference schedule that earned Northern Illinois a spot to play with the big boys was a narrow loss to Iowa of the Big Ten and a confident win to Kansas Jayhawks of the Big 12. Keep in mind that neither Iowa or Kansas had been invited to participate in a bowl game this year! Those had been the three games that told the computers that... "Yeah! they have earned this more than the Sooners had this year"! Even though, Oklahoma's only two losses came from the Fighting Irish and Kansas State. I've been saying for a while that Oklahoma's ranking was too low anyways. Whatever! BCS I'm sorry I've stuck up for you for so long. I hated you last year when you made the National Championship between two SEC teams and I hate you now for picking Northern Illinois over Oklahoma! I wish a pox on you BCS! Not on Northern Illinois, that would be unfair, that would be like getting mad at a snake for biting a child instead of getting mad at the parent who let the child play with the snake... YOU SUCK AS A DAD BCS!

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