Wednesday, February 23, 2011

D-will is D-gone to De-Nets

To quote Bill Simmons "Hey Deron Williams, you just destroyed pro basketball in Utah what are you going to do next? I'm going to Disney World!"
What is with this mass exodus of good players from the western conference? Do they not realize what they are doing? Instead of sticking around and putting the final nails in the coffins of the Lakers and the Spurs they just made it so much easier for one of those two teams to make it to the finals. Now I'm still pissed at the person who let the Spurs get good again but so help me if its the same person that is letting this happen.
What ever happened to loyalty? You know sticking around and building a team and taking that team to the promised land. Ala Jordon, Bird, Stockton and dare I say Kobe. It just doesn't make sense to me. Oh well, I guess this gives the Suns a better chance of making the playoffs.


  1. Loyalty is dead. It's all about the $$$$$

  2. I would like to thank Kanye West for helping me put this situation in perspective when he said and I quote "Now, I ain't sayin' he a gold digger..."

    I say hallelujah! Let him go...Remember Barry Saunders? "Losing robbed me of my competitive drive." And, sure we see the Yankees and Sox become the Goliath's, and that helps those teams and the sport have a bigger following. (Because, people enjoy watching the GREAT PLAYS!) and for the rest of the world who hate the Yankee's for becoming the Goliaths of the sport, we love to sit and wait to see the Mighty Fall.

    So, whether you love them or hate them in the end it doesn't matter, because in the end it's all about who is watching and that's us the fans. Without us who would watch, piss and moan about sports? I dare say no one!

  3. Wayne you sound like some evangelico who memorizes one Bible scripture and uses it when it has ABSOLUTELY NO APPLICATION the way you throw around that Barry Sanders quote.

    Never did the Lions sniff a conference championship in Barry's years there.


    The Jazz were in contention for a top 4 seed in the West before one of the top 10 coaches of the last 2 DECADES decided he couldn't handle Deron Williams any more.

    I know money talks, but would if I were making around 60 or 70k annually would I take around $3,000/year less than some other group offered me to stay with a great company that surrounded me with great people if the organization was built around me?

    Yes. Yes I would.

    That's about the equivalent of 1 or 2 million less per year for some of these athletes, so to say THEY HAVE to go where they get paid the most and discount loyalty completely is just stupid.

    You can be a saavy business man and still be loyal.