Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sam's Da Man! Even though He Won't Confirm My Friend Request!

Congrats, to Sam Bradford on earning The NFL's Rookie of the Year award this season, now remember that I could go on all day about how The Rams went 7-9 this year under the leadership of the young QB. Keeping in mind that the Rams had gone 6-42 without him over the previous three seasons. I could talk all day about how Sam Bradford had played every offensive snap this year, and how he had over 3,500 passing yards with like 18 Touchdowns and I'm sad to report his 15 interceptions, but he still had a QB passer rating of 76.5 I could go on and on about how Slinging Sammy had 11 touchdowns passes and no interceptions over a six game stretch. But, I'm not gonna...Instead I'm just merely going to point out that this is the second NFL Rookie of the Year in the past four years that came from Oklahoma!


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  1. I must admit. I thought Sam Bradford could be good, and I hoped he would be, but I didn't expect him to be as good as he was his rookie year, especially after being injured most of the year before. Well done Sammy, well done.