Thursday, January 27, 2011

So, Who Do I Like More...Thome or Quinn?

The truth is neither really :) Ok, when I say Thome or Quinn I'm really talking about the upcoming Superbowl. Because, Quinn's favorite team is the Green Bay Packers and Thome sort of likes the Steelers if the Pats aren't around. Now, I am going to watch the game at Thomes house and Quinn will be almost 1,000 miles away. The Steelers Quarteback raped a girl, so I don't like him for that, but 3 years ago I had Big Ben on my fantasy league and he did me well, so I liked him for that...This year I had Mike Wallace who didn't have the year say Roddy White had but he was a top 10 receiver, and my number one wide out. But, I had Aaron Rogers as my QB and I really do wish that he would have thrown to Greg Jennings less... Especially when I was playing Zach. But, the bottom line was that A-Rodge a top 5 QB for me...But, he did let me down pretty big there in game one of the playoff's with his sissy concussion in the first quarter!

So, truth be told, I'm lost on who I'm going to cheer for...I would really like it if neither team would win, holy cow! Then we'd be playing soccer. That's right I learned earlier this last year that soccer doesn't always have a winner and a loser. Leave it to the communist to make a sport rule like that! Ok, I'm getting side tracked! The lesser of the two evils... Ummm, I still don't know! I am holding a pretty big grudge for A-Rodge's crucial concussion. I think I'll just sit back and join which ever team has drawn the biggest crowd at Thomes house and jump on that band wagon.


  1. No wait! I take it all back...I'm just going to remain neutral by stating that I just want to watch a good game. And, during the game I'll just cheer at good plays, and at the end I'll celebrate with which ever team win's like as if I've followed that team since I was a kid, and the next day I'll go out and buy that team's gear!!!

  2. haha good call. I actually think that I am pulling for the Packers to win it this year. But I too hope it is a good game. The last three years have had awesome superbowls with the Saints winning last year, the Holmes catch at the very end the year before. And who could forget that EPIC game where Peyton Manning beat the Bears in the rain the year before that.

  3. Tom can't even spell his own name right. I pick the Packers.

  4. Look at it this way Wayne, you wouldn't even have made it to the playoffs if it weren't for Aaron Rodgers, and apparently he wanted to preserve his brain because he cares about his team more than your fantasy team. You know what you call people like that? Winners.
    He also allowed Matt Flynn to boost his stock with a strong performance against the Patriots. You know what you call people like that? Economically intelligent.
    Also just do what you want.
    Also do you guys wanna come over to my place to watch the game? Bring Chiz's ranch dressing. YUM!
    Also I'm getting surgery on my mouth 2 days before and they said I'm not supposed to eat anything spicy or bite into anything. So . . no wings for me, yeah right.

  5. Quinn, that was the saddest thing I think has ever been posted on this blog. Why can't you have the surgery on Monday?

    PS. I made the freakin' playoffs I just lost the first round!