Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here's to Hue, Jackson

From the Title of this blog you are probably thinking I am going to talk about the new Raiders coach Hue Jackson. Well that's what everyone who attended the press conference to introduce him as the new coach thought too, well guess what? All of you are wrong. Because whenever you throw the ol wild card Al Davis in there anything is possible.

Now I'm not going to go into great detail of what went on during the news conference, basically Al Davis used it to show the reasons he fired Tom Cable. As the jingle for the Canyonero goes "unexplained firings are a matter for the courts" so whatever. What I do want to talk about is this:


Oh geez, I wasn't ready for that. Ok lets all pull ourselves together and get back to this post. What I believe Big Al is doing here is putting the curse of losing back on his team. Now we should all consider ourselves lucky cause we get to see the actually cursing happening right before our eyes! What a wonderful time to be alive. I feel that Tom Cable was close to finding a way to lift the previous curse. I mean they did have their first non-losing season in almost a decade. Things are looking up for the team and then boom, he gets fired. Then Al goes back to working his silver and black magic to make sure his team keeps losing. Why would he want his team to keep losing you ask? Money. Plain and simple. I have no idea how losing makes him more money but its all I got at the moment so I'm going with it.

So Hue Jackson, I hope you are ready for the road you about to go down. Because Davis is in the drivers seat and from the looks of that picture I don't think he's passing the vision part of the driving exam anytime soon and the road isn't exactly straight.

But if you do want to keep this job for an extended period of time I suggest you start brushing up on The Simpson's and do your best Waylan Smithers impression. Cause that's about the only way you'll make it more than two plus seasons with this nut job behind the wheel


  1. Do you remember that Feisty Red Head or as our South Park friends would refer as a "Ginger" from the hit movie from the late 80's Major League?

    Anyways, she wanted the team to suck so she could move them to another town... Perhaps Big Al wants to move the Raiders to a more lucrative location, like Panama! I hear they are crazy about the Raiders down their!

  2. Sorry I wrote that just before class and I wanted to say "down theRE not like theIR...My bad :)

  3. It's no secret that Al Davis wants to move the Raiders back down south, but he wants a new stadium to go with it. Good luck dumb Al. I love my Raiders, but just like the rest of Raider Nation I am ready for Mr. Davis to give up control of the team. However, I feel like like Hue Jackson as a head coach is a HUGE upgrade over Tom Cable considering what Jackson was able to do with the offense this year. Raiders win the AFC West at 10-6 next year. You read it here first.