Monday, January 10, 2011


Some things in the NFL are ridiculously predictable.  Oh the Patriots/Steelers/Colts are representing the AFC in the Super Bowl again?  Wow, awesome! yawn.
I would like to pay tribute to the teams that did something we didn't expect this year.

Kansas City Chiefs
THE CHIEFS MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS!  Yes they played a schedule so weak you make a Big 10 team's out of conference schedule look tough, but they still took care of business against all those losers unfortunate enough to play them at Arrowhead this year.
Jamaal Charles was a revelation this year, so good that I almost regret trading him for Chris freakin Johnson.  Matt Cassel showed us that maybe Josh McDaniels wasn't completely insane when he wanted him running the show in Denver instead of Jay Cutler.

Detroit Lions
While I tip my hat to Kansas City, the more glorious resurrection was that of the DETROIT LIONS.  For most teams 6-10 isn't reason to celebrate, but Detroit?  They just tripled their win total from the last two years!  I see enough potential in Detroit to predict they make the playoffs before the world ends in December 2012.

Oakland Raiders
Thanks for the best season since 03 Tom Cable, good luck finding a new job!  No one expected Darren McFadden to be so good this year, although we all expected him to be this good his rookie year.  Better late than never, right?  If he can stay healthy I think he'll challenge for the rushing title for the next few years.

St. Louis Rams
Sam Bradford was impressive this year.  Stephen Jackson is a workhorse, it would be great to see him on a playoff team before the wheels fall off.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
They're extremely young and proving to be amazingly talented.  What are the possibilities of a Raiders vs. Bucs rematch in next year's Super Bowl?  Maybe the Bucs will trade head coach Raheem Morris to the Raiders this year to even out the score.


  1. Great post Mr. Eskimo! I liked the slam on KC the best...Not that I hate the Chiefs or anything, I just thought it was funny

  2. Dude, if Ryan Torain hadn't hurt his ankle and missed some games I would have totally owned you in that trade. As it was, it ended up being pretty even CJ for week when I started Torain he and JC tore it up and I was feeling very good about that trade.

  3. Wayne- Yeah I don't have a problem with the chiefs or any of these teams, that doesn't stop me from having fun at their expense :)
    Tyler- I can't think of anything to say beside yes, I agree with your comment wholeheartedly.