Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comeon NCAA Have A Heart!

So, during the reign of Peter Carol the Trojans won 7 straight Pac-10 Titles and back to back NCAA Championships...Reggie Bush had gotten like $300,000 to go to USC to play. Now, as we all know USC is limited to 10 less scholarships for the next three years, and no Bowling for the Trojans for at least one more season, oh and we have to pretend that that "Evil Monster" #5 Reggie Bush never had any associations with the University of Southern California. (If that isn't a prime example of the University scapegoating, or simply throwing someone under the bus...I don't know what is!)

So, why am I digging all of this old information up again? It's because USC has gone back to the NCAA stating that the rulings are just too unfair, and not just...Pete Carol is no longer coaching here and "we" the University have pissed all over Reggie Bush's name. It was the Alumni who paid for Reggie to come and play, and plus you let Ohio State slide a bit because they got free tattoos and whatnot....Also, the NCAA didn't do anything to because Auburn's Quarterback Cam Newton's dad tried to get monies "unsuccessfully" from Mississippi State. So, seeing how you had just let two Major Universities who had "just as serious" offense slide, so why not us at USC?

The answer according to Mr. Wayne Bass!!! Getting free Tattoos and selling Ohio State stuff isn't the same thing as not noticing that the Alumni has a fund to make life easier for player's and their families. Also, I know I Phelta Thi Sport Blog Fan's are tired of hearing my thoughts on Cecile Newton, but there was no money given he just asked for money! Is thinking out loud against the law?

Now USC is trying to convince the powers that be that Alumni providing $300,000 to one player is the same as the previous two offenses at Ohio St. and at Auburn and the NCAA let them slide when THE OFFENSE IS NOT THE SAME!

USC was cited for and keep this term in mind a lack of institutional control Now, do I think that these college athletes should be getting paid? YES! Do I think that USC should be given some leniency? NO! Because, that is the way the game is played today...If they want to change the way it's played then they need to go through proper channels and make change happen. Plus, this is really the only way to punish the Alumni, by taking away USC's chance for greatness, at least for the next little bit or so.

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  1. but isnt the intent all the same? bush got money to play, camnewtons dad wanted money to play and ohio state players saved money cause they played. I feel the intent is the same so they should be punished the same.