Thursday, February 10, 2011

Football Football Football Football Football Football Football Football Football Football Football!!!!!!!!!

So, we just had a GREAT Superbowl to finish off the 2010-2011 NFL season. And you know what the NCAA National Championship was a close game...Although, everyone and their dog was expecting a lot more offense. But, all and all it's the close games that are always the best ones to watch. We had some good controversy to talk about this season, which always makes it fun. And, despite some temporary hurt feelings and bruised egos we've moved on, and were still friends. You know why? It's because we look pass our petty team differences and we embrace the big picture and that is our love for the sport we know as FOOTBALL...Like I said it was a great year boys!

But, let me ask you this football fans. Is football ever really over? I mean Spring Football is in just a couple of weeks and then in about month or so we'll have the NFL Draft, don't forget signing day for tomorrows NCAA Studs who we get to critique and criticize in upcoming seasons. Then it's summer and between church softball, bridge jumping, and seeing Zach get married who really has time for football and then BOOM before you know it Fall Camp has arrived and the 2011-2012 season has started up again.

I LOVE THIS SPORT, DAG GUMMIT! But, you know what? I like Basketball and Baseball too, because I think they are excellent filler sports until we get back to the meet and potatoes which is FOOTBALL! And, don't forget ladies and gentlemen it is never an inappropriate time to remind the "ever so popular" soccer that it's gay!


  1. So the worst part of winning the SuperBowl is having to wait until the last pick of the first round to see who we add to our roster. Although the draft does give me an excuse to wear the Charles Woodson jersey that is getting delivered to me a week AFTER the superbowl. (I broke down and decided I needed to rep someone besides Brett Favre for a little while)

  2. Hi, I'm Cal 1st time commenter long time reader! I just wanted to say. Great Post Wayne Bass! Quinn the Eskimo, sorry about your jersey getting to you late...

    I just wanted to let ya'all know that next year Jerry Jones is taking his Cowboys all the way! So, you better stock up on Tony Romo gear now before they jack up the price after they win!