Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Because The Little Smack Talk Section Only Lets Me Post 200 Words and No Photos

Dogfighting: 1.5 years, Stealing signals: $750 000, beat Thome first round in the playoff's: priceless'
Ok, so I know that joke is like sooooo 2009, and I hate to do this to you Thome. Because, honestly your like the only one in this league who I actually like. But, I have no control over the playoff bracket. So, I'm sure that you understand that this is strictly business. This blog post is dedicated to the top five reasons as to why Wayne Bass is going to beat Thome Widdison this week in the first round of the 2010 playoffs.

1) Because Thome is gay!

2) Thome is really gay!

3) Even as a 93 year old man Thome is STILL gay!

4) I don't know what to say about this one!

5) Ok, this one is pretty cool I actually tried to hack into your facebook account to make this your profile pic...But, I failed :(

The only thing gayer then these photos I found is Thome's Team Name...I take that back Team Boo is the gayest name! I'm still going to kick your butt Thome...Uh, at Nintendo, and this week in Fantasy Football! Hope you enjoyed your short season! Blahaha

Hey Mark Benson works at this hotel in IF and he say's that Karaoke Thursday is jumpin'...Wanna get a group together?


  1. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  2. bahahahahaha is that a midget stripper? nothing is funnier than a midget stripper thats for sure. ok wayne, let me tell you something. you are reminding me of one rex ryan right now. running your mouth all week before the game. how did that work out for him and the jets this last week? thats all i gotta say about this.

  3. Correction! The only thing funnier than a midget stripper is a midget stripper with Thome's face crudely pasted on her.

    Just so you know the difference between Rex Ryan and me is that he has the Jets to work with. I have Aaron Rogers and...Ok I'm not kidding anyone, my teams not that great, but if I'm going out this week I'm at least going out with a BANG