Saturday, December 4, 2010

Like I Said Before I'm Still Sour That Cam Chose Aurburn over Oklahoma But I'm Happy About How It Turned Out

Chris Low who covers the SEC Football Blog stated this perfectly. And, I couldn't agree more with him. We'll now that this VERY important issue has been put to rest perhaps now the FBI can find something a little more worth while to do with the tax payers monies.

Also, the Bush and Mayo deal at USC was totally different. For starters, they actually got paid. Cam's dad was just wanting to get paid. (Did Cameron know about it? Probably. But, do they hand out attempted Nobel Peace Prizes? Do they send you to jail for attempted murder? Umm...forget that last one. Side Show Bob is kind of an idiot sometime) And, I think that the ACC is just trying to get noticed, because they're football teams aren't really doing anything really noteworthy lately.

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