Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fantasy Pointers

You know what I like about this blog? well besides its my ticket to becoming an ESPN Sports center anchor(da da da, da da da) I can talk about sports all I want and you HAVE to listen. Ahahahahaha.

Ahem, excuse me. Back to business.

If there is one thing that I love to talk about its me, I mean Fantasy Football. I can talk all day about it. I love talking about it so much that if I hear strangers talking about it I get into their conversations and proceed go off about why I think this person is good or why this person is going to have a terrible season. So now that we have this blog I'm going to talk just about fantasy football at least once a week(but not limited to).

So the biggest thing right now is preparing for the draft. This will make or break your season. If you draft horribly then you have no shot. If you draft okay then you have a chance with some good free agent pickups but you'll have to hit those perfect. If you knock it out of the park on your draft then you are in good shape. But you still have to be good with free agents and adjustments during the season.

OK so Thome's fantasy football tip of the day today is draft around bye weeks. That's right, I draft players according to bye weeks. That's not the only reason but it is a step in the process. The reason I do this is I don't want both my qb's on bye the same week. That's the main reason you have a second qb, is for that bye week. Or if both of your running backs are on bye the same week then you might as well bench all your players and rest them that week cause you're not winning. Well okay you still might but your chances are severely reduced. So go to and print out their top 100 fantasy players list. It has what week their byes are on it and use that to help prepare your draft. Trust me, as you plan around your bye weeks you'll have a lot less headaches come Week 4.

(Thome Widdison has been the fantasy football editor at The BBQ and Joe blog spot since its inception. He was the 2009 I Phelta Thi champion, 2009 something something league champion, 2007 I Phelta Thi league runner up. Some of his other awards are the 2008 Joe Strickland award, the most points scored in a game and a Grammy.)


  1. I wanna see a post by Wayne entitled "How to finish in 3rd place every year" HAHAHA jk, jk. lulz, BBQ!!!!

  2. Wayne can't even claim that title anymore, now that yours truly is back in the league!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!