Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Utards

So it looks like Utah is going to go to the Pac 10. And I don't blame them. I mean if Boise St. had the chance I would want them to do it in a second. I mean its like when Tom Brady left Bridgette Monahan for Gisele. Sure Bridgette(Mountain West Conference) is very pretty and just added a new baby(Boise St.) but come on...Its freaking Gisele(a BCS conference), why wouldn't you leave.
But here is the only issue I have with Utah leaving. The last couple of years they have been complaining very openly about how unfair the BCS system is. Even going as far as getting the Governor and the senators involved and talking about anti-trust issues. Saying that even though they are a non BCS school they should have a shot to play for a national championship. And how they don't need a BCS conference to be competitive. Here's the deal, this is just like a dude that his buddies are hanging out with girls and he gets jealous. Starts really promoting the whole Bros before Hoes mantra. Even convinces a couple of his buddies to dump their girls and then before you know it some girl comes along and catches his eye and you never see him again. You can't blame him for it cause its better for him but you find it funny that he forgot about Bros before Hoes so quickly. But its cool Utah. Its cool. I would have done it too, cause that Pac 10 is looking real good now. And you all know how big of sucker I am for a hot blonde(Lane Kiffen).


  1. I enjoyed your post Thome, I was thinking with USC having the troubles they're in and Oregon also there really isn't a powerhouse in the Pac 10 so for Utah to act now would be a smart move. Go to a rose bowl and establish your program early, get some awesome recruits, and then remain a force to be reckoned with in the Pac 12.

  2. It's official the University of Utah will go to the Pac 10...Honestly, I think that this is the perfect time for them to join. USC is down so they should kick them while the chance is there. Oregon isn't looking too good, so honestly I think that Utah will be able to jump right in come 2011 and compete.

  3. Can someone please tell me how I'm supposed to get back the 3 minutes that I wasted reading this? The intro post was ok, but who cares about football? I don't. Now, how am I going to hide this blog from Tyler?

  4. Like the post alot and agree with all of it, Boise State fans should be ashamed to be part of the mountain west, cause now they're no better than they were with utah. They lost a team and will get no bcs bid. Of course who knows if the new big ten will either. Of course they only team that anyone cares about that they lost was Nebraska.

    If you hate Kobe for sinning, then hate sin not the sinner. I watched that man destroy the Utah Jazz in Game 4 when they swept their sorry butts. Guys, I love the blog, keep it up.

  5. Great move for Utah, I just don't understand what the Pac-10 is doing. One of the best things about the conference was every team having an in-state rival. Oregon, Washington and Arizona each have two teams, with two apiece in both Northern and Southern California. Now they'll add to the mix Utah and . . . Colorado?!?!
    Having every team play each other every year was a good thing for the PAC-10 as well. But it looks pretty clear that all the rivalries and tradition and things that make college football great are taking a backseat to the almighty dollar. And these moves were taken simply to add the Denver and Salt Lake TV Markets.