Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome to I Phelta Thi Sports

Welcome to our blog...This blog is a combination of "The Coach" who actually goes by a few names by some he's known as T Money, others refer to him as Ty, I know a little guy who calls him Dad but his wife knows him by the name his Mother and Father gave him Tyler Matlock. He is in the top picture deep in the jungle of sorts...

Next in line we have JP Strickland he's the Mexican Mike Colic lookin' guy holding a map with the one of a kind Joe Strickland look on his face which non-verbally says...You are Ticking Me Off right now.

Thome Widdison is next up, he is shown coaching our intramural flag football team (We were like the Buffalo Bills of the 90's. We just couldn't get that championship ring, or in our case that championship tee-shirt, but dag gum if we didn't make it to the big game a lot.)

Next on the list we have Quinn Merrill who is kicking it with Miss AZ at the Suns Game, but don't let that sexy burette scare you off girls, Quinn is available and is currently accepting applications for his next ex. He holds weekly interviews Fridays and Saturdays from 7 to...well it depends on how qualified you are...If you know what I mean ;)

Brent Cook lookin' like a super Bad Ace in his aviators, but unlike Quinn Brent is taken. That's right girls he's married...You can look but you can't touch.

Last of all we have Wayne Bass pictured at the bottom sporting his white button up with his backwards Wheaties Hat Wayne likes to think of himself as...well Wayne likes to think a lot of things but in this case in his minds eye he sees himself as the glue which holds this dysfunctional blog group together.

We hope you enjoy reading about what irritates us concerning the wonderful world of sports, so sit back and relax as we tell you what...

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