Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pete Carroll said that he was the Head Coach, but even at that he has no control over what Alumni do. I think that if this really is that big of a deal then USC losing the 2004 National Championship, losing 30 scholarships over the next three years, and no post season games is good enough... DON'T TAKE REGGIE'S TROPHY!

Thome Widdison has pointed out that the NCAA is simply a modern form of slavery. And you know what that kid is right! In the olden days of slavery the slave owner would provide the housing and food, but they would pay no money. The slave owners had profited a great deal from their labors, kind of like how the NCAA, the University, and a lot of other people directly and indirectly benefit in this modern day form of slavery.

So, if the NCAA doesn't want the Alumni paying to get the best to come to their school then taking away National Championships and losing scholarships and no bowl games is a super strong message to send that they are not messing around. To take away the Heisman Trophy is unnecessary. This punishes the young athlete and not the fan.

I think that Kunta Kinte would freakin' flip out if he found out that this is still happening today! And, if an athlete is able to provide better living conditions for his family and pocket a cool three grand, then who cares? These young men should be getting paid anyways...The conference makes millions a year off of them.

Also, I was thinking about how Lane Kiffin will be able to keep his job for at least 5 years...The first three he can blame on the sanctions of the NCAA, but if he doesn't bring it back to at least close to where Pete had them, he might be looking for a new job. But, lets be honest how hard is it to recruit in Sunny California? 70 degree weather year round, learn to surf, and the girls DON'T FORGET THE GIRLS.... If you can't win at USC then you ain't trying, unless you've lost 30 scholarships over three years and no chance to go to any bowl for the next two years. Basically your on the clock Kiffin.

Peace- Wayne Bass

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  1. I think you're right on with this. Kiffin has a better excuse than any coach in the nation to only finish in the middle of his conference for the next 2-3 years, even with all the 4 and 5-star recruits still on the roster. There will definitely be some pressure for return to prominence after that, but Kiffin is a good recruiter who happens to have the man who invented the Tampa 2 defense running things on that side of the ball.