Friday, June 18, 2010

A Word From the Coach

Ok. So I did get left out of the name of the blog. That's because I got left out of the blog. But that's probably because I don't talk to any of my friends. But they remembered how much we used to talk sports and I ended up being included. But hey, it's OK, I'm just like Tim Tebow in the NFL, I'm just happy to be here! I have a couple takes on a couple sports bits this summer.

Take #1 - People who hate Kobe Bryant are Robin Hood wanna be communist scum taking from the strong and giving to the poor. They would rather the BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE (today for sure) fail so that the weaker specimen can win. Who in this survival of the fittest world would want that besides your boy President O-B-Boy??? Kobe is the best and he deserves championships because he earns them. People, listen up, don't hate greatness because it's great. Embrace greatness because it doesn't come around very often.

Take #2 - With all due respect, Boyzee State fans are the most confused fan base in the world which results in them either looking like idiots or being idiots. Congratulations. You've done really well in one sport. And by really well I mean you've never won a Div. 1 National Championship in that sport and you've beat up on weak teams in that sport. Should I mention their prowess at other sports? Oh wait, what? Unless they have a really good underwater basket weaving team, I'm pretty sure their bragging rights hinge upon a handful of Not-National-Championship seasons and a couple not Heisman nominee players. But don't get me wrong, I don't blame the players. Boyzee does it's very best with it's PAC-28leftovers. They better watch out now that the Utts are actually in the PAC 12 and will get the PAC 17 leftovers ahead of them.

Take #3 - Socker is not popular in the US because we will never be sufficiently entertained with a whole day of ties. Remember the first day of group play last week? Boring. And hey, this is coming from a guy who can actually sit through 5-10 minutes of socker at a time.

Take #4 - The Spelling Bee and Poker are very entertaining but ESPN spends too much time broadcasting them when they could be broadcasting retro SportsCenter reruns. Think about it. Would it not be awesome to watch a SportsCenter from the Bird-Johnson days. Or watch any other episode that aired after any historic sporting event. ESPN Classic is cool for games and documentaries but so much time is wasted on showing things that aren't even sports.

Those are my takes. Like 'em. Love 'em. Hate 'em. Enjoy 'em.

Peace - The Coach


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  2. Sorry that last post I didn't realize that I was logged in under The BBQ and Joe, anyways, great post man! So, below is my take on the coaches take:

    Take One! I never thought about it that way before... I think a lot of people don't like Kobe because he's arrogant. Oh yeah and he rapped a hotel clerk, but I do think that what you said has a LOT of truth.

    Take Two! Be careful about saying the slightest negative thing about the Boyz in Blue, because you will receive an insane amount of data about how Boise State has won so many games... They dominant their conference better then any other school in the NCAA, and of course you will be reminded of how a few years ago they did beat an over confident Oklahoma Sooners by one point in overtime on a cute play:) Never mind the fact that they have only won two bowl games out of the last six years. That fiesta bowl game was a while ago...I mean Texas doesn't even rub it in that much, but I guess even a blind squirrel finds an occasional nut now and again. And, I guess when it happens it's a pretty big deal :)

    Take 3! Soccer Sux, there was this foreign exchange student who asked one of our football coaches in class "why come we don't have a soccer team in Vinita"? Coach looked at him and said "There are only two type of people who play soccer...That's communist and girly boys, and you won't either one in Vinita Oklahoma."

    Take 4! Have you ever watched the rock paper scissors championship? It's freakin' awesome! I do enjoy watching ESPN Classics but some times its cool to watch the Ocho :) But, I do agree that they could show more top moments in sports stuff and less poker and spelling bees.

  3. tyler, you're just hating on boise st cause you are afraid your boy is going to grow up liking them more than the sooners.

  4. Thome, this kid is already a Sooner fan. Between the outfits, the diaper bag, the mobile and the scholarship offer, he's already a Sooner.

  5. Wayne,

    Kobe Bryant isn't a rapper, so you're wrong.


    Great post. I was surprised they left you out of this too. Welcome to the greatest blog ever written.

  6. Tyler, you have some strong opinions that you're not afraid to express, I like that. I am going to respectfully disagree with you on a few of these though :)

    1- Kobe is hands down the best basketball player in the world right now, no argument there. He also benefits from having arguably the best coach ever and the best #2 in Pau Gasol. Three Finals appearances in three years with Gasol is no coincidence. This is purely hypothetical and I have no way of proving it, but I don't think the Lakers get past the 2nd round in any of those years without Pau.
    That being said, watching LA win it all again inspires nothing more than a yawn from me because I'm no die hard Lakers fan. I'll rank watching the Saints upset the Colts in the SuperBowl as a far more fun. I'm no communist, but isn't parity what makes the NFL the top money maker amongst all pro sports? Knowing that in one season the Dolphins can go from 1-15 to division champs is why you see a loyalty in football that doesn't exist in basketball. It's why teams like the Lions and Raiders can still manage to have fans. And for me, it's why I will spend more time watching the first regular season Packers game that is nationally televised than I did watching the entire NBA Finals. (thank you Sportscenter for the highlight packages)
    2- Ok, I'm going to be honest, this one seemed a little bizarre to me. I don't think anyone anywhere is saying that Boise State as an institution is at the same level as Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, USC, etc. I haven't spent much time living in the greater Twin Falls area, so maybe it's different there.
    And I'm pretty sure no one is trying to argue that the WAC is a powerful conference, but it's not like the PAC-10 or (former) Big 12 have been throwing the Broncos any invitations.
    Every team's goal every year is to win their conference, and no one has done a better job of that in the last decade than Boise State. I think the folks in Oklahoma would be just as excited if Tulsa had the same track record in Conference USA paired with a couple of BCS bowl victories. I'm sure the Troy fan base would brag just is much if they had equal success in the Sun Belt.
    I don't hear Lakers fans spending much effort trying to discredit the Sacramento Kings, I guess I just don't understand why Sooners are so obsessed with trying to tear down Boise State.
    3 & 4 - I have an opinion, but my comment is long enough. Great post, Tyler. My opinion differs but props for saying some things that really made me think :)