Monday, June 21, 2010

I Propose.......

........that the College World Series is one of sports best kept secrets. I have long been a believer that college sport is better than professional sport. Don't get all up in my face about there being more talent in the pros than college. That's obvious and I don't care about it. There's more talent in the MLB than the Little League World Series but which would I rather watch? Who wants to win more? D - Jete and the Crankees or the 12 yr olds whose entire life depends on winning? That brings me back to my original point. The College World Series is one of sports best kept secrets. It has a very high level of ability as most of the players have already been drafted but chose to get better and play in college. They aren't perfect, they mess up, and they're raw. They are working to get better and improve themselves. You should watch the College World Series instead of the World Cup. They play until someone wins.

- Later -

The Coach
PS - The University of Oklahoma Sooners are playing in the College World Series. They're good at more than one sport.

PPS - They have cool dog piles at the College World Series.


  1. Well sated! This has been a good series so far with only 3 of the remaining 8 who were ranked in the top 10...I hate that people are consistently trying to say that soccer is cool. The CWS has been way more fun. Thank goodness the World Cup is only every four years.

  2. I meant to say stated not sated

  3. Gosh it's so pathetic that, in the few weeks between the end of basketball season and the beginning of football season, you are trying so hard to find something relevant to talk about in the sports world.

    The World Cup = An opportunity for the commies to outperform the capitalists.

    MLB and CWS - It's baseball. 'Nuff said.

    Hey I still love you guys though. Not really in a gay way. Mostly in a brotherly way. Although I do know a few guys that are way gay for that Wayne Bass. But who can blame them?

  4. i thought i was gay for wayne bass once . . . but it was in a dream . . . and we were both ladybugs. so are you really gay if you love a male ladybug?